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In the day and age of all the tech we have, calling may seem like a useless ability to know. I mean why need a way to instantly contact someone in the age of cellphones and the-ever increasing tech for them? I suppose because well you just never know! Better to have more options than less I say. It is also good for contacting those who are not around for whatever reason.

Calling is the ability to contact others from a distance. It is a mental thing, similar to telepathy yet not exactly that. It is normally best accomplished when the one you are contacting is asleep yet it can work at any time. You basically reach out and contact them. They suddenly hear you call their name, see you, or get a feeling to contact you or cannot get you out of their head. Why it is similar to telepathy yet it is not.

How does one call? Well it is simpler then you would imagine but also pretty hard to master. Also, of course distances is a factor, thus calling someone further will take greater skill and mastery than one,who is closer. Of course with time, practice and dedication the limits are only up to you.

To call simply think of them, “Feel” them, then say their name with some push in it, pushing it towards where you know they are. What I mean by that is think of like projecting your voice type thing. Except rather than across the room for a prank you are literally projecting your voice to the person and their unique energy pattern.

If there are any questions still on all or clarification needed feel free to ask here or in the comments of the shared post! Thanks for reading, learning all! Good luck with the practicing!


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