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The New Site

The New Site

Although this blog will still be up, our new site can be found at http://www.theshadowsage.com. It is full of all new articles and many things. Hope to see you there and for you to continue to enjoy reading what we put out!

Amy Mah – The GVC’s Own Donald Trump

By Nyx Flower Louloudi Now there has been much talk and whispers about the latest incident of Amy Mah creating a group (V.V.C) copying the original name of one of the most well known groups Voice of the Vampire Community. How very rude.. As all battles there has been a pro Amy and not-so-pro Amy […]

Newsletter Idea

Newsletter Idea By Damien Ferguson It was a late evening. Darkness already talking hold of the land. He was just getting home. Excited to change, relax and hop onto the forums of some of the most active in the ovc in that time. The intelligence, learning,  socialization and goofiness that abounded was amazing to him. […]

Meontological Musings II: The Truth is in Here

Meontological Musings II: The Truth is in Here

As described in an earlier post (Meontological Musings: Finding Satisfaction in Nothing), my personal experiences as a psi-vampire involve regular excursions through the psyches of donors. Immersing myself in my donors’ deliciously diverse ways of seeing the world allows me to function at my peak without suffering from the migraines, intense sensitivity to light and […]

Meontological Musings: Finding Satisfaction in Nothing

Meontological Musings: Finding Satisfaction in Nothing

I grew up in a relatively pious Christian household, most of the members of which were quite complacent in the level of certainty about the nature and purpose of things afforded them by their faith. Then there was me. Just a few years after my introduction into the family, I asked my mother a fairly […]

To Forum or Not To Forum? 

To Forum or Not To Forum By Damien and Rei A lot of things changed in the community since the dawn of the internet. Different platforms have been used, including but not limited to Ning, MySpace, LiveJournal, EZ Board which later on became Yuku. This past 5 years years however saw the full fledged move to […]


TOXIC! ©2016 deacongray and GYP By Deacon Gray   Toxic people are everywhere, and the VC is no different. We may be in a group with them, part of a forum or even know them socially. If you have been around one, than you already know how disruptive and draining they can be to interact […]

Vampirism in Marys Words

VAMPYRISM By Mary DeStefano aka Lilitha Vain The Vampyre is a truly majestic and romantic creature. We have all had an experience with enjoying the role that the Vampyre plays at some point in our lives, be it on television, the live stage or the movie theatre. Maybe you have dressed up as one on […]

A New Year’s Message

A new year again! It has been a very interesting year. I would like to see us as a community move past the same circle we’ve gotten into and actually advance. To give old and new folks voices again. To grow personally and as a group and community. There of course will be hurdles to […]

Copied from something I posted in VCN…

Guilt and inferiority complexes abound in our community. It’s understandable. American culture demands the illusion of self sufficiency, despite that complete independence is impossible for anyone. We all depend on others for food, socialization, employment, health care, anything. We all give back. In reality, rugged American individualism is just for show, and it can harm […]