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Although this blog will still be up, our new site can be found at It is full of all new articles and many things. Hope to see you there and for you to continue to enjoy reading what we put out!

Psychic Vampire Primer

  Psychic Vampires Primer By Kate Gallwey We have a bad reputation; we are called parasites and cause trouble to feed off it and we if go too long without feeding we can start to auto-feed without being aware of it. Drama will be a constant reminder to feed. We get low and ill without […]

Vampire Community Newbie Guide

By Damien Ferguson and Rei Part I. OVERVIEW Welcome newbie to the Vampire Community, or VC for short. We are glad that you dropped by and have taken an interest in our not so little community. Some of you may be young vamplings looking information and guidance, some of you are probably be curious cats wondering […]

Where did the C in VC go?

By Damien and Rei VC. Vampire Community. A subculture comprised of people who have a need for blood or energy. Depending on your definition, it also includes donors, otherkin, therians, and weres. No matter which definition you use, the community was built when people came together for teaching and mutual support. However, there seems to be […]

What New Donors Need to Know

By: Damien and Rei Hello there new donor! It seems you have been asking some questions and want to know more so hopefully I can help you out or at least if i cant, potentially point you to places or folks who can. There are many things to know, many things out there, and even misguided […]

Energy Healing Basics

By: Ninmuru Keeping in mind that there is always more then one way to do things, I would like to share this. Because despite other ways working I’d rather the practitioner suffer less as a result so here’s a possible alternative based on how I was taught. Rule #1 If a healer sacrifices their own […]

Hybrid Vampires – Who, what, and why?

By Zero Nightskye Several years ago, I wrote an article entitled “The Hybrid Vampire Manifesto“. While informative, the article has fallen slightly out of date, and hybrid vampires remain a contentious group within the community. Therefore, I’ve come to feel that it needs an update. Hybrid vampires, put very, very simply, are vampires who are […]

Can I Donate If?

By: Giselle DeCavalier The following information is a condensed version of what The American Red Cross uses as a guideline for its donors’. In donating to a sang, the stomach acid in a vampire’s stomach will destroy meds effects. What medical professionals worry about (if you have open cuts or sore of the mouth) is […]

How To Find Your Totem

By Damien Finding your totem can be a great boon to you in all areas of your life. It is not as hard as one may imagine to do. Although it really is dependent on the person and what the totem they have is. You will encounter tests by the totem itself in this exercise […]

Those Who Need Blood

by Rei and Damien In the age of political correctness, it seems that there are those who aspire to lump all vampires into one category and make it seem that their needs are the same. However, many seem to forget that a nice chunk of the OVC/VC need blood–those who call themselves sangs, bloodfeeders, vampire, upir, […]

Advanced Abilities

Into The Shadows

Into The Shadows By Damien Ferguson   A lot of times folks focus on shielding as a means for defense. I personally prefer a more offensive defensive and personally staying hidden and off the radar as opposed to out in the open shining like a light. One of the methods I use is shadow.  Most […]


Winging It

By Samael Anathan Lets start somewhere near the beginning, the term otherkin refers to someone who thinks they have a non-human soul, or spirit. Personally I believe that this thinking is a bit skewed and see the term merely as a label that the physical brain needs to understand things. As otherkin individuals believe themselves […]

Basic Abilities

How to load words

By: Damien So what are loaded words? Ever read something and get chills, mood changes right after, a headache out of nowhere or similar? That is a word or words loaded with energy that gets unleashed when one reads them. Loading words with energy and to have an effect on one who reads them takes […]


8 Tips For New Donors

Eight Tips for New Donors in the Vampire Community By Deacon Gray and Jade Oppress © Graveyardpress 1/22/2016   Donors are important to the vampire community. This obvious statement is made with the intent of making sure that donors know that vampires do not take them for granted, and to underline to the vampires in […]

GVC Handbook

How does the Herd Mentality Affect the Vampire Culture?

By Madame Mystique  (Written in November 18, 2010) It looks good, it sounds good and they are professing the right things. They have a great website and they are getting to know all the right people. The word rings out, join! The problem is, does the fluff make up for being exploited by someone who […]

GVC Town Hall and Editorial

Amy Mah – The GVC’s Own Donald Trump

By Nyx Flower Louloudi Now there has been much talk and whispers about the latest incident of Amy Mah creating a group (V.V.C) copying the original name of one of the most well known groups Voice of the Vampire Community. How very rude.. As all battles there has been a pro Amy and not-so-pro Amy […]


Coyote Medicine

Do you endure episodes of repeatedly falling on your face? No matter what you do, things seem to go wrong? It could be coyote medicine. Personally, I’m not a big fan of spiritual dogma, but I observe the American Indian “medicine” concept in my own life and others’. Our spirit guides use various methods to […]


The Beast: from Energy-feeders’ Perspective

The Beast: from Energy-feeders’ Perspective

Many often point out how our experiences are varied however, it’s also important to note there are a lot of similiarities between sangs, eros, psi, and hybrids. One of them is what most call the Beast. Currently, many associate it only with Sanguinarians, Therians, and Weres. So we invited a psi vampire, a hybrid vampire, and an eros vampire to help […]



Altars By Kate Gallwey   You have to work out what you actually want to achieve with an altar, once that is done then it is time to take action. Thought on its own achieves nothing…action and emotion is required. We create an altar to focus your intention. To bring your intention into the the […]


The AngelKin-Vampyre Connection

 by Samael Anathan Please note that this is a personal theory of mine, formulated from observations I have made – but being somewhat of a logical mind, I could not help but see the connection between Vampyres and Angelkin. To explain my theory to its fullest we must first look as the overall definition of […]

Otherkin Community Matters

Otherkin Community Warning! 2-1-16

Otherkin Community Warning!!   From Otherkin Resource Guide page on FB:   Otherkin Resource Guide Yesterday at 2:12pm · It has come to our attention (thanks for the tips guys!!) that the trolls are also coming from a group known as Shitzerkerz. They are attempting to hide the fact that they are from these groups, […]


How NOT to be a Psychic Vampire’s Happy Meal …

How NOT to be a Psychic Vampire’s Happy Meal …

By Samael Anathan   So when I asked what article topic would be my next assignment, the answer I was given was on how not to be a victim to a psychic vampire. Now being a energy  vampire myself, and one that seems to have been rather unappealing in taste and not needing to actively […]




Vampirism By Damien Ferguson and Rei What are vampires? Vampires have existed forever and more than likely always will. Real vampirism doesn’t change, only the world’s portrayal and thoughts of us do. Even in the Vampire Community, the views of what makes a vampire have changed over time. From pre-VC where folkloric traditions view vampires […]