Advanced Abilities

Into The Shadows

Into The Shadows By Damien Ferguson   A lot of times folks focus on shielding as a means for defense. I personally prefer a more offensive defensive and personally staying hidden and off the radar as opposed to out in the open shining like a light. One of the methods I use is shadow.  Most […]

Spirit Servitors

What is a servitor? Not everyone seems to agree. Firstly, constructs are programmable machines made of energy. We extract a bit of energy and telepathically instruct it to do something, e.g. channel or refine energy, maintain a shape (such as a shield), or some other relatively mundane task. Servitors could be defined as: Pieces of […]

Blood bonds

Blood bonds By Damien Ferguson     A blood bond is a very deep and hard to break bond that is done obviously with blood. There is one on one blood bonds or group, house and pack type blood bonds as well. There are pros and cons to one.A lot of it is dependent on […]

Ferment Your Own Emotional Energy

This is in the experimental stages, but my last three attempts have been successful. It somewhat mimics how the human energy body transforms (programs) core energy into emotional and sex energy (sex energy partially also comes from another source, but we’re basically copying energy we already have, so it works). Start with some “base” energy […]