What New Donors Need to Know


By: Damien and Rei

Hello there new donor! It seems you have been asking some questions and want to know more so hopefully I can help you out or at least if i cant, potentially point you to places or folks who can. There are many things to know, many things out there, and even misguided uses/concepts which one needs to be aware of.

In your initial foray into the Vampire Community, here are the basic definitions you will encounter:

White Swan: An individual who opposes the vampyre community.

Black Swan: An individual who is not a vampyre but who is close to one or more vampyres, and is often a supporter of the community.

Black Swans are further broken to by how they donate:

Crimson swans donate blood, crystal swans donate energy. Amber swans donate both.

To note, the swan term comes from the Strigori VII and black swan was the actual term meant for friends, family and donors who were nonvamps who supported the vampire community. That is all it meant and the only real evolution of the term swan is the white swan.

Donor: A person, usually a non-vampyre — who freely volunteers their blood or life energy to be consumed by one or more vampyres.

Feeding: An activity of vampyres in which they consume a donor’s blood, or prana from a donor by other means, or elemental energy from nature.


One of the first things to decide is what do you want to donate?

Following the definitions above, you could choose to donate blood alone, energy or prana alone, or both.

Now you have decided you want to donate blood/energy to a vampire. That is great! Here is somethings you may need to know!

  • Know your rights as a person/donor. There is a wonderful writing out there called the Donor Bill of Rights.
  • Read up on the safety practices, aftercare, and potential dangers (sites like Sanguinarius.org by the late Sangi for instance is full of information on this.)
  • Take time to lurk in the community as well as get to know some vampires. Find out information, and get to know a vampire you may be interested in donating to.
  • Realize that feeding one vampire may affect you differently from feeding another can vary from donor to donor. It can be wonderful to nothing.
  • Realize that one can form strong emotional responses or bonds to one you are feeding due to the nature of it all.

After figuring all of that out and reading up on the types of vampires and deciding which you would rather donate to, it is time to learn about the dangers, safety, aftercare and do’s and don’ts of the type of vampire you have chosen to feed. I know wanting to be a donor suddenly seems like a lot of work, that is because it is. You are helping someone out in a very personal way and also can be even putting your life at risk if you do not understand what you are doing. Thus a lot of work, learning, thinking and soul-searching is needed for the donor.

You need to decide is how far do you want the donating to go and what you are truly comfortable with?

You also need to decide why you are doing it, and if you expect anything in return, what that is and why that is. Do you want just a donor relationship, friendship to, something more? Some vampires and donors decide to keep the donating and feeding impersonal. Some are open to friendships, while some are looking for intimate relationships.  You need to really figure this out.

On the feeding side, if you want to be a blood donor, realize that cuts and needles would be necessary in order to draw the blood. How comfortable would you be with these? On what body parts would you allow to be cut or drawn blood from. In what manner would you allow for blood to be drawn? If you want to be an energy-donor, take note that psi-vampires feed on different manners as well. Some prefer auric energy, some prefer sexual energy, etc. What would you be willing to donate and how, are some of the important considerations as well.

Once you have decided that then we should work on what you are looking for in a vampire quality/personality/wants/needs wise?

You should look for a vampire who wants the same as you. Not all donors or vampires want the same things so it may not always work out, but best to learn all that prior to donating. It will save you a lot of headaches and drama.

This goes both ways. If the vampire does not wish to pursue the relationship any deeper than you wish, then you should respect that as well. Mutual respect is paramount.

Safety Considerations and Personal Care

No matter how deep you want the vampire-donor relationship to go, it is important to remember that personal boundaries are very important. There are some shitty, abusive vampires who don’t know that NO MEANS NO. They are dangerous and should in truth be avoided. If they do not listen to you on the first firm no, stop talking to them. If they continue, block them, let others in the community know your rights are a person and donor are being violated.

Take care to know the difference between potentially abusive or abusive, and non-abusive vampires. Abusive ones will continuously harass you, bug you. They will be highly territorial even after or before one feeding. They will want more of you despite you saying no, and push past any boundaries. They would also try to manipulate your feelings and make you feel bad about yourself just to make you stay within the vampyre-donor relationships.

A safe and non-abusive will take it slower and help you learn.  They will be open to discussing things with you instead of forcing their own opinion on you, and would respect your own dignity as a person. They will watch to see how you are handling the donating, and know when to cut loose if you cannot handle it.

Keep these in mind. NEVER gamble on your safety.

Remember that it is not just about the vampire or what they want! There are two in a donor/vamp relationship and both need to be taken into consideration. But is your personal responsibility to learn as much as you can about being a donor, how to do aftercare, like taking care of cuts, and keeping yourself healthy, and setting your own boundaries.


So you still want to continue and have spent a considerable amount of time with all the previous and have your answers? Good! Time to move forward. A donor(or swan in some places) is a very important and special person to the community. But one needs to remember they are still simply people and not fall into the special snowflake – my shit is great – type of mindset that plagues some vampires 😉 . Most likely you will be very special to the vamp you find and jive with. Do you really need anymore than that?

Of course finding a vampire like that can be tough!

The best way is to put yourself out there and be “seen”. It can be scary specially if you’re donating for the first time but that apprehension can be put to good use. It can keep you from jumping into risky situations that might endanger you. But don’t let that discourage you!

Talk to vampires and interact with them on the various social media groups that we have around. Get to know them as much as you can. Even if they do not turn out to be the vampire you are looking for, if you find them safe and their character reliable, they might be able to connect you to someone whom you might like to donate to.

If you found one whom you’ve talked to and learned about a lot and if you guys seem to want the same things and jive well together, that is good! Ask them too and see what they know on donor safety, and aftercare. Also find out what they know on donor bonding, if they want that with you and whatnot as well. By the way, if that’s something you might not want, learn how to protect yourself and stop it from being formed too.

Once all of that is worked out…meet them in public a few times first. For tips for meeting vampires for the first time, you can find some here. If they still seem safe and you still work out well, then decide a more private place to meet to try donating once. Always let someone know where you will be, who you will be with, and schedule check in times with who you let know. After the first donating let me know how it goes and we will pick it up from there!

A few end notes to remember as a donor. It can be very intense and until you experience it, you really do not have an idea. Some feelings and emotions that one can have from donating is pleasure, happiness, attachment, a euphoric or love feeling, sadness, longing. And that vampires may seem closed or standoffish at first. Most vamps will look after and care for their donor but may forego emotions and attachments at first, or forever. As the relationship can be intimate due to its nature, best to enter into it with both your eyes open. Keep both of your feet on the ground and your head on your shoulders. Your safety depends on it.

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I am here to teach and share knowledge :)

2 comments on “What New Donors Need to Know

  1. I’m interested in joining the community. I find this to be fascinating…my first thought is I would prefer a discreet, intimate friendship..
    Initially my contribution would be a donor of blood and energy…I understand that I am a newbie and would like to be mentored…if this is something that I’m qualified for please contact me…
    Thanks for considering me….


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