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Healing via Shamanic Discourse

When traveling astrally or shamanically, we can teleport to different locations and times. Limitations still exist; our spirit guides might prohibit us from going places that aren’t in our best interest. It’s their job. Talk to your guides if you experience problems. Visualize a portal of light in front of you. Program it for a […]

A New Year’s Message

A new year again! It has been a very interesting year. I would like to see us as a community move past the same circle we’ve gotten into and actually advance. To give old and new folks voices again. To grow personally and as a group and community. There of course will be hurdles to […]

Vampiric Lexicon

(Admin’s Note: Some of the terms here have already fallen from use or their meaning changed)   *A* Adra: a vampyric sponsor or mentor. Ardetha (ar-de-tha): someone who is made a vampyre through a ritual or ceremony. See also: Latent Vampire Ancients: Refers to the ancient deities and mythical/spiritual personas such as Lilith, Set, The […]

Vampire Community Newbie Guide

Vampire Community Newbie Guide

By Damien Ferguson and Rei Part I. OVERVIEW Welcome newbie to the Vampire Community, or VC for short. We are glad that you dropped by and have taken an interest in our not so little community. Some of you may be young vamplings looking information and guidance, some of you are¬†probably be curious cats wondering […]

An Interview With Kinesia: Looking Into The Sang Medical Research

Lately, there is a buzz within the community about the medical research being conducted about Sang vampirism. As with any revolutionary projects in the VC, it has met not only resistance but also¬†misunderstandings. So we at Shadow Sage decided to interview Miss Kinesia to talk more about the aims of her project as well as […]

Copied from something I posted in VCN…

Guilt and inferiority complexes abound in our community. It’s understandable. American culture demands the illusion of self sufficiency, despite that complete independence is impossible for anyone. We all depend on others for food, socialization, employment, health care, anything. We all give back. In reality, rugged American individualism is just for show, and it can harm […]

How to load words

By: Damien So what are loaded words? Ever read something and get chills, mood changes right after, a headache out of nowhere or similar? That is a word or words loaded with energy that gets unleashed when one reads them. Loading words with energy and to have an effect on one who reads them takes […]

Cyber-Feeding 101

Cyber-Feeding 101

An introduction and step-by-step guide to cyber-feeding.


By Kacy Someone (rudely I might add) once asked me at my older brother’s house what it was like to be a mutt. Now I take offense to being called a mutt. I know a lot of therians, otherkin, and the like that are more than one specific kind. Me, I am a psy vamp/wolf […]

Healing Energy

By John How do we draw healing energy? Here are three methods. One is to visualize our larger, higher self attached to our mind through our crown chakra (back of the top of the head). Ask it to send healing energy to you. If you astrally project or shamanically travel, visit a healing pool (your […]