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Benefits & Disadvantages of Shielding

rtjsrtjBy Damien

So there are those teaching  as of late that you cannot shield from those who are vampiric. Outside of it being completely false and just plain ignorant…one has to wonder why one would teach that unless there is some less than savory ulterior motive? Anyways, you can shield from anyone, or anything! YES! It is true. The problem is its not gonna be something that will keep everyone or thing out. That is the issue that is also taught. Think of like liking your doors in your house. Yes it will keep away almost everyone. But if one is skilled and determined they can find a way in.

The benefits are many in shielding. But one of the things to remember is to try and not use your own energy for it. At least not energy currently inside of you. Charge an item or two in your home, pulling that energy from the object around you into the desired shield. This will keep you from being drained or attacked by some of the predators out there if they attack your shield. As it will be recharged and kept full from the object that it is built from as opposed to just throwing your energy in front of you and hoping for the best.

You can also of course use energy from elements, nature, anything really. Shields and their functionality and programming are only limited by the energy used/amount used, the skill and the knowledge of the shield maker.

Benefits include keeping people from getting in and messing with you, feeding on you, skimming on you, scanning/reading you, others emotions and whatnot affecting you, as well as various attacks. Some shields can even make you “invisible” where people wont notice you unless they actually bump into you! There are all kinds of benefits to shields.

Disadvantages include getting comfy, or thinking no one can get through your shields and then getting knocked around finding out the hard way. Some other problems include it can limit the information that comes in from external sources. Like with the invisible shield it could make someone in traffic not see you pulling out into traffic and cause an accident! So sometimes even shields with good effects may have unforeseen consequences if used in the wrong situation.

So remember boys and girls, fangers and fangettes, helpers and hoggites, that shields are useful and yes they stop vampires and other things. There is a ton of things and ways to make shields. If you want feel free to message me to ask about some or try some out for yourself!

And remember a shield is an egg that covers you below ground and above your head! Never forget even below you or its a way in!
Thanks for reading 🙂

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