Coyote Medicine

Do you endure episodes of repeatedly falling on your face? No matter what you do, things seem to go wrong? It could be coyote medicine. Personally, I’m not a big fan of spiritual dogma, but I observe the American Indian “medicine” concept in my own life and others’. Our spirit guides use various methods to […]

Healing via Shamanic Discourse

When traveling astrally or shamanically, we can teleport to different locations and times. Limitations still exist; our spirit guides might prohibit us from going places that aren’t in our best interest. It’s their job. Talk to your guides if you experience problems. Visualize a portal of light in front of you. Program it for a […]

Healing Energy

By John How do we draw healing energy? Here are three methods. One is to visualize our larger, higher self attached to our mind through our crown chakra (back of the top of the head). Ask it to send healing energy to you. If you astrally project or shamanically travel, visit a healing pool (your […]

Energy Healing Basics

Energy Healing Basics

By: Ninmuru Keeping in mind that there is always more then one way to do things, I would like to share this. Because despite other ways working I’d rather the practitioner suffer less as a result so here’s a possible alternative based on how I was taught. Rule #1 If a healer sacrifices their own […]