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Elders,Kings, Titles and You


Titles and you

By Damien Ferguson


Normally at the blog we tend to try and stay away from most of the drama that surrounds the OVC/Greater VC in general and just focus on teaching. Due to a lot of recent stuff though I think it may just be helpful  if the community realizes and learns about the titles, what they mean, and what folks using them should be/should not be doing. Especially for new folk.

Elder normally in the past meant one who had been in the community for a long time and had contributed to it. That is fine and dandy but I think it needs to be reworked on what Elder means. From my knowledge and what Ive seen and heard I think Elder needs a new meaning. I think it needs to mean: One who helps contribute positively to the community, helps folk by answering questions, sharing information and who does not mind being bothered by new folk. Anything else to me is not an Elder. If a new person asks an Elder something and they get turned away, told to be quiet, etc…They should find someone new and realize that person is not an Elder or one to look up to. Of course the person asking and seeking knowledge needs to be respectful as well. But I mean more on if it is the elder at fault as opposed to the seeker.

Kings and other Local type titles even vikings!(Viking definition:

noun: Viking; plural noun: Vikings
  1. 1.
    any of the Scandinavian seafaring pirates and traders who raided and settled in many parts of northwestern Europe in the 8th–11th centuries.)

This one is a bit tougher and in truth even House Elder falls under this category. A lot of times people who lead a group or area will receive a title from those who they are in charge of. That is fine and I really see no issue with it. The issue comes from more so self imposed titles and when they overstep their bounds. For instance..say you lead a court and are given a title..that title only really exists in the court and if you are trying to force others outside of the court/group then you are no king and deserve no such title.

Remember you are only in charge of those who want you to be, anything else is abusive and you should be stripped of any title and possibly even removed from the community for it in my eyes. What constitutes abusive? Attacking others, trying to force them to join you, making life hell for them if they don’t, starting “wars”, sharing personal information, are some of the top ones. Anyone doing this really isn’t an elder, leader or anything but a negative stain in the community.

Most will use an us vs them mentality, or constantly talk crap over others who are different or share different views than they do. They may make promises and other things, or recruit as many as possible to their cause. All of these should be danger signs, especially to someone new.

So in that regard what would a good elder king or other type of leader be? One who helps others, strives to better themselves and others, works to improve their groups, community as well as possibly the public. They don’t force others or try to push their power over places they have no say in. They don’t start wars, drama or crap talk others. That is what a good one is. Sure there is plenty of other good traits and qualities but those are the main ones to look for. Some good examples are found here.


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One comment on “Elders,Kings, Titles and You

  1. 1. It should be every vampyres duty to help those in need whom are new in the community as long as they are letting them know every vampyre has there own personal beliefs about vampyrism

    2. Nobody should be called King unless they are king of there own land and not just a household but an actual nation


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