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January 2016 on Shadow Sage

January started out good for the Greater Vampire Community, with lively discussions, more information, and calls for change. Shadow Sage prides itself in helping give a voice to others and community building and since there was a need for a psychic vampire group to discuss feeding, abilities, teaching and learning, the Psychic Vampires group was put […]

Spirit Servitors

What is a servitor? Not everyone seems to agree. Firstly, constructs are programmable machines made of energy. We extract a bit of energy and telepathically instruct it to do something, e.g. channel or refine energy, maintain a shape (such as a shield), or some other relatively mundane task. Servitors could be defined as: Pieces of […]

Blood bonds

Blood bonds By Damien Ferguson     A blood bond is a very deep and hard to break bond that is done obviously with blood. There is one on one blood bonds or group, house and pack type blood bonds as well. There are pros and cons to one.A lot of it is dependent on […]

Starting Your Own House or Local Community

Starting your own house or local community By Damien Ferguson   Building your or local community frustrating, disheartening and a lot of hard work. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth it in the end, If you cant find what you are looking for…. do it yourself cause no one else will. First […]

To Forum or Not To Forum? 

To Forum or Not To Forum By Damien and Rei A lot of things changed in the community since the dawn of the internet. Different platforms have been used, including but not limited to Ning, MySpace, LiveJournal, EZ Board which later on became Yuku. This past 5 years years however saw the full fledged move to […]

8 Tips For New Donors

Eight Tips for New Donors in the Vampire Community By Deacon Gray and Jade Oppress © Graveyardpress 1/22/2016   Donors are important to the vampire community. This obvious statement is made with the intent of making sure that donors know that vampires do not take them for granted, and to underline to the vampires in […]


Altars By Kate Gallwey   You have to work out what you actually want to achieve with an altar, once that is done then it is time to take action. Thought on its own achieves nothing…action and emotion is required. We create an altar to focus your intention. To bring your intention into the the […]

Packs- The Breakdown

To many, the topics of packs have always been taboo, or something that not many people in the Otherkin community discussed. Something that unless you belonged to a Pack, you weren’t privy to the information. Hell usually its unless you belong to the pack you are talking about. So grab something to drink because we […]


TOXIC! ©2016 deacongray and GYP By Deacon Gray   Toxic people are everywhere, and the VC is no different. We may be in a group with them, part of a forum or even know them socially. If you have been around one, than you already know how disruptive and draining they can be to interact […]

Shielding With a Remote Energy Source

Shielding can work better given an external energy source. If you can travel shamanically, find a plentiful source of ambient energy and plant an absorption construct with a cord to your shield, then program the shield to take from the construct (you can program yourself as a backup if needed). If you do this shamanically, […]