Hybrid Vampires – Who, what, and why?


By Zero Nightskye

Several years ago, I wrote an article entitled “The Hybrid Vampire Manifesto“. While informative, the article has fallen slightly out of date, and hybrid vampires remain a contentious group within the community. Therefore, I’ve come to feel that it needs an update.

Hybrid vampires, put very, very simply, are vampires who are a combination of sang and psi. This means that they have cravings for and need both blood and energy in order to function properly and maintain their health. Vampires who can switch between the two without issue, or switchers, often use the label of hybrid but are not true hybrids in this definition of the term. In my opinion switchers are a variant of psi vamp who can access life energy in blood, but I am not a switcher. I will leave it to them to define themselves.Hybrid vampires are unique in that they go through two awakenings. Often, through hybrids I have spoken with, the psi awakening comes first. This, in part with the existence of switchers, lends itself to the belief that hybrids are simply confused psis. This is not true. Several months, sometimes years later, hybrids go through an entire separate, and sometimes more intense, sanguinarian awakening. Energy ceases to fill their needs, the thirst begins, side effects such as sensitivity to light increase, and a vampire ends up very confused. They go through stages of having no idea which “side” they’re on, and the rhetoric of the sang/psi spectrum being an either/or position doesn’t help.

If a hybrid vampire tries to sustain themselves through one method of feeding alone, they will experience the symptoms of non-feeding associated with the method they neglect. They will also experience an increase in the opposite method in a half-hearted attempt by their body to compensate. If they ignore their sanguinarian needs, their psi needs will increase, but the sanguinarian need will worsen with time and not go away. The same is true vice versa. The only way to a hybrid vampire to maintain balance is to find the equilibrium between both their needs.

There are several theories as to why hybrid vampires are as they are, many of which I detailed in my previous article on the subject. The theory that I personally accept is that hybrids have the genes for both types of vampirism active simultaneously.

This is simply an updated primer. In later articles, I will detail both sang and psi methods for hybrids to maintain their equilibrium.

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4 comments on “Hybrid Vampires – Who, what, and why?

  1. I actually started out as a sanguine vampire for a while until I realize I could feed psi as well; I was releaved since blood was very rare to get


  2. Humanity is still in the back stages of evolution even with science their ignorance gets in the way of daily life

    I study human anatomy and genetic science and also have a fascination with science outside of the box and knowing that most scientific activities seen as fantasy in Hollywood are actually facts and have been happening and used in government warfare for countless years, I have ran into many of these websites that sadly turned out to be folklore “nerds in their parents house over the ages of 21 jobless spouseless self hated low life’s looking for a kick” however I strongly believe there are people alive today I
    With drastically different genetics who can not only improve humanities elite population but help the sick and dying without having to shove our faces with harmful chemicals leading to an even more drastic death so without harsh judgement would someone please clear up just what exactly this site is and where exactly you found the conclusion to your information provided what test you did and or personal expiriances because now more than ever it is time to make the supernatural science public so all can live in a more peaceful & knowledgable environment

    “Pardon any mistakes the keyboard on my phone is insanely small”


  3. […] Hybrid Vampires–they are the ones that need both blood and energy. […]


  4. It is also about environment and raising of the vibration of the being, and how it feeds.


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