The Beast Inside



By: Damien

There are some things Sangs seem to experience that simply is not talked about anymore. One of them is what was once dubbed “The Beast”. What is it you ask? Well it is simply a dark predatory part of the sang that can come out. It can vary when it can come out and even if one has control over it or not.

Here is some of what happens to the person when the beast comes out: They can black out, the mindset becomes more animalistic and that of a predator, they can get stronger, faster once adrenaline begins to flood the system, the humanness can be shed.

Now of course that can be scary! But even though it may seem like something out of fiction it does seem to have some physical changes that occur in the body as well as mental/emotional changes that occur. Meaning that the cause is something in the body more than likely. Who knows what exactly and that is not exactly the intent of this article though we do hope some of the studies and research being done will help find that answer in the near future.

The good part is that it is normal for sangs to have this happen and ways and help that can be found. Beasting out can also have its uses and advantages if you learn how to control it.

Now for others it may be different, but for me it happens when I am fed. I am able to beast out and use it. I have complete control over it. That is simply me and no, not everyone will be the same. Some will only beast out when hungry and whatnot as well.

The beast tends to be the violent dark parts of a sang that they may try to hide or ignore to be more normal. But when the beast emerges (and one day at some point, it will) all those parts you ignored or hid away will come to the forefront. You will be forced to deal with them if you hadn’t in the past.

There will be a part two on tips and tricks! I do hope this article will start the talks on something that is integral to what some members of the community are and also inform those who had no idea. Remember you are not alone. 🙂

The Beast Part 2

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5 comments on “The Beast Inside

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  2. Holy shit! This,this has happened To me on more than one occasion the doctor and my mother have dubbed it that im bipolar with blackout and rages but the strength is incomprehensible it’s almost impossible I feed off of emotions and other things but I would love a little help with this if you could indulge,I’d be greatful


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