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Winging It

By Samael Anathan Lets start somewhere near the beginning, the term otherkin refers to someone who thinks they have a non-human soul, or spirit. Personally I believe that this thinking is a bit skewed and see the term merely as a label that the physical brain needs to understand things. As otherkin individuals believe themselves […]

Amy Mah – The GVC’s Own Donald Trump

By Nyx Flower Louloudi Now there has been much talk and whispers about the latest incident of Amy Mah creating a group (V.V.C) copying the original name of one of the most well known groups Voice of the Vampire Community. How very rude.. As all battles there has been a pro Amy and not-so-pro Amy […]

How does the Herd Mentality Affect the Vampire Culture?

By Madame Mystique  (Written in November 18, 2010) It looks good, it sounds good and they are professing the right things. They have a great website and they are getting to know all the right people. The word rings out, join! The problem is, does the fluff make up for being exploited by someone who […]

Vampire Trial by Combat

Vampire Trial by Combat

By Kate Gallwey This is a such mish mash of predators and egos in the VC. Never an easy combination. One of the studies I did shows that out of a study of 100 people that are regulars on the VC, around 60% feed for power reasons. Many new people find themselves being chewed up […]

How NOT to be a Psychic Vampire’s Happy Meal …

How NOT to be a Psychic Vampire’s Happy Meal …

By Samael Anathan   So when I asked what article topic would be my next assignment, the answer I was given was on how not to be a victim to a psychic vampire. Now being a energy  vampire myself, and one that seems to have been rather unappealing in taste and not needing to actively […]

Eros Vampire

By Samael Anathan A modern real vampire is a living being, a ‘normal’ person on the surface, but needing to feed of subtle energies from outside sources. The sources vary greatly, depending on the specific individual grouped into several general classifications or groups. The group we are focusing on in this article is what is […]

The AngelKin-Vampyre Connection

 by Samael Anathan Please note that this is a personal theory of mine, formulated from observations I have made – but being somewhat of a logical mind, I could not help but see the connection between Vampyres and Angelkin. To explain my theory to its fullest we must first look as the overall definition of […]

Otherkin – Of Heaven Or Hell?

 by Samael Anathan It has come to my attention that there are various types of otherkin out there that the majority are still unaware of, so in this I will attempt to familiarize people with these other types of Kin. Lets start with celestial kin, much misunderstood and as with the vampire romanticized and demonized […]

Hybrid Dilemma

by Samael Anathan Say the word “hybrid” in the Vampyre Community, and automatically the VC thinks of this as referring to how you feed, employing both psi and sang methods. This already causes speculation and makes waves. Now add a dash of therian to the mix, and step back to watch the fireworks. However, the […]