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Hellions are those who claim they are from hell. Many times they confuse themselves with demonkin. While they can share various similarities which can be found in the demonkin primer, there are significant differences between hellions and demonkin.

The main difference, as mentioned in the primer, is that these beings come from hell. This is significant as these beings were often not demons ever, as the concept came from religion, mainly Chrisitianity. These beings were simply demonized. Other terms that describe them are fallen. However, contrary to mainstream belief that is heavily influenced by religion, a fallen being does not change a being’s “species”, merely their state.

A fallen god is still a god. A fallen angel is still an angel. In the same way that a human that commits murder is still a human. Their state of being simply changed, i.e. they fell, or certain religious beliefs demonized them. This completely separates them from actual demons or demonkin.

Why they mistakenly feel or believe themselves to be demons, despite not being so, can vary greatly from one to the next. The more common reasons are thoughts, memories, and beliefs. Those are what I would consider reasons with legitimate grounds. 

The non legit reasons for identifying as a demon, despite not being so, includes the desire to seem edgy, cool, or powerful or wanting to be part of the in thing. Since it seems fashionable to be demonkin these days.

Hellions can range from the lesser demon-like things in hell like imps and gremlins to the big named demons in Christian demonology.

While the loudest you meet in the communities all tend to claim to be some big-named badass, I honestly do not think that is the case.

For example, why would the big bad Mammon be in some 22-year old’s body who is online telling everyone how great they are? If they are from hell and bent on all this destruction then why are they not out doing it? This is also why it took awhile for demonkin to be taken more seriously as a whole. People like these sound crazy or sound like they’re just trying to be the awesome cool guy online, yet whose life really just sucks. They tend to mess it up for everyone.

Some of the traits and characteristics of hellions that are not shared by demonkin are as follows:

  • Hellions tend to be more about dark stuff, destruction, corruption and the likes.
  • They claim to be under a higher demon than themselves.
  • Their memories, dreams and whatnot often consist of hell, fire, and hellfire.
  • They tend to be focused in one specific area that correlates with their type. For example, since possessions are commonly believed to be caused by demons, hellions are more likely to see identify with that?
  • Hellions tend to be where the evil misconception for all demonkin come from.
  • They are very selfish and narcissistic. They only focus on what they need or want and what others can provide for them.

While that may seem like a small list of characteristics, many of the others are shared with demonkin. They also tend to be focused on their power in themselves and in relation to others constantly.

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