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Interview With Sangorath Excelsi


An interview with Sangorath Excelsi

By Damien Ferguson

We recently found a new Vampire Community Page on Facebook located here.

We reached to them after viewing their page to talk to the one who runs it and get an interview with them. We do love to see new projects like this and hope you too will enjoy it! On to the interview!


Sangorath: I am doing well today and yourself?

Damien: Not bad. So tell me about your new page for the vc and what it’s purpose is, what you hope to accomplish, all the details your okay with. I personally love shedding light on new endeavors and helping if possible


Sangorath: My page is born from the union of passion and inspiration. The two points of inspiration are two places that are quite dear to me. One is the very first home I have ever had among our own, a place called Clan Resurrectus, the second is my most favorite site of information, www.sanguinarius.org. The purpose and goal of the brand new page and group Vampire Community, is to bring about knowledge, solidarity, and just as important, unity through diversity. I look in my own younger childhood at my own Awakening as a young vampire and if I had now what I had then it would have made such a beautiful difference. I want to educate and unite all those together, whether they be vampires, young ones awakening, donors, or open minded accepting supporters. Despite the name, it is also open to all otherkin and pagans as well as others. I am not looking to become an Elder in the community and if I do receive such a title then that tells me I’m doing something right. My only goal is to provide today’s generation with all the knowledge I acquired so they may live easier lives as well as to assist today’s young ones to be tomorrows leaders that we need to unite in peace and collective goal fulfillment for the betterment of our community.


Damien: So what kind of knowledge do you bring and hope to share? Is it only a focus on young or old alike? Do you think we learn better with our diversity? What exactly does unity mean to you as its been a tagline by various folk the past few months? and anything you would like to add or tell folks out there?

Sangorath: The knowledge I wish to bring and share is knowledge I wish I knew when I was younger but can be used by anyone and the focus is everyone. We are all beautiful and a part of this amazing world and everyone deserves fair equal treatment and assistance. I see our diversity as a beautiful and beneficial thing indeed. One cannot unfortunately know everything there is to know. So those who are diverse has amazing bits of knowledge and skills that make them no better or worse but yet at the same time a most valuable an asset to our community with the gift they bring and share to us. I think we definitely learn better that way. When I think of unity through diversity I always picture bees or ants. Such beautiful creatures, they all have an equally important part to play and they all work together as a team, as a Family for the betterment of their collective family goals that they constantly keep up with passionately. To me unity is just that, just like the ants and bees, it is working together happily to help each other advance in life to make life better for the next generation. If I were to tell everyone just one simple thing if it could change the world it would be to lay down their differences and cease their quarry over small matters and to instead unite to educate and advance ourselves, our people, our families and children so that we may all live better, longer, and happier lives. To be a global family with it’s focus being peaceful unity and knowledge like the ants and bees, a beautiful society.


Damien: Anything else you would like to add about yourself or the page?

Sangorath: That is all I have for now, if I think of anything else I will definitely tell you my friend.


We enjoyed meeting Mr. Excelsi and look forward to his contributions to the community! If he or anyone he knows wants to write anything for here or talk more on the page itself or help in sharing information and teaching we welcome them to contact us! We wish this new project in the VC the best!


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