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February Roundup and Recap



The shadowsages roundup and recap of the month of February for us. A lot of new and exciting articles as well as new sites, groups and projects about for the shadowsage! Read about and feel free to join in!

We have had various new articles come out this month that I enjoyed writing and reading immensely from fellow contributors!

Interview With Sangorath Excelsi

Kate wrote on what it is like for folk in the VC

We taught some about the shadows

Asked about a newsletter/e-zine type idea

Hesperus wrote some new articles this month: Psi feeding guide, Insight Epiphany, Meontological 1 and 2.

Singing Tarot added some on Coyote medicine

Kate and Samael wrote and added some new articles: Happy Meal, Eros, Angelkin, Otherkin, Hybrid.

And we also started the month off with a small community warning:

We have worked on new groups and improving some of our old groups in an ever growing and fun atmosphere. There is a lot of discussion and learning going on, especially in the psy vamp group which can be found here!

Our General group has had a name change and some new faces and discussions here.

We added a community geared towards asian vampires here

And as always besides this blog we can be found on Facebook , Twitter  and Tumblr

We  enjoyed this month and look forward to next. Hope all you dear readers did as well! 🙂





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