Vampire Trial by Combat


By Kate Gallwey

This is a such mish mash of predators and egos in the VC. Never an easy combination.

One of the studies I did shows that out of a study of 100 people that are regulars on the VC, around 60% feed for power reasons.

Many new people find themselves being chewed up by some really nasty characters and the rest of us watch on without seeming to intervene in any way.

A trial by verbal combat is happening nearly weekly in some groups and a huge percentage of new people crawl away, quite rightly moaning about the lack of manners we have.

The thing is most of us have tried to be nice to a new comer only to have them turn around and ask to be bitten and made immortal or something ridiculously similar. Many people cannot hear what we are trying to tell them because they are so enchanted by the myth and sparkle of the Vampyre.

The trial by verbal combat is actually a very good process of weeding out the underage, the stupid and the merely bored. A true seeker will find what they need quite easily in the VC. A couple of direct questions, showing that you know a little of what you are seeking, will get you pointed in the right direction.A lot of people are watching and reading the energy you put out.

The trick is to watch and read between the lines. You are knocking on the door of many that drink blood, feed off sexual and pranic energy, emotional energy is overflowing and raw in many groups, it is a really good idea to watch and listen for a while before you jump in with stupid questions. And even if you have a pretty smart question people may chew you up because you ‘smell’ wrong.

It is not a fair or pretty place to hang around.It is not meant to be.

However, the learning curve was great, for me and many others. Mentors and guides came out of the shadows, to this day I am very grateful to them.

Yes, I learnt to not get chewed up and to chew back intelligently if I have to.You learn to hold your ground as your views and knowledge is tested under pressure…sometimes extreme pressure…as one of my early mentors put it, wisdom is found through adversity.

I also learned where to go for good information and where not to go.

People who you can learn huge realms of information in a single paragraph and people you who waffle on, like they know everything, but know absolutely nothing.

I found groups that were great for teaching the basics but would get quite cross at you for asking more about the deeper knowledge needed. Some forums and websites have amazing volumes of information but are about 10 years out of date. Join a House, Temple, Clan, Association or Court and there is more knowledge to be found, but chose wisely for some are very odd and strange.

Stay solitary or ronin, as it is called and roam the outer corridors for as long as you like, pressing your nose up against the windows, feeling the warmth of the Vampire Houses and wondering what it is like to belong. Are you kin to the ones inside?

Being different alone is hard work, we are all looking for someone to open the door for us and welcome us in. This community is a collection of sub-communities. It started coming together online from various sources like the pagan, fetish, bdsm, satanist, and otherkin groups. People and groups are very similar across the social media boards, I enjoy the entertainment value but hate the bullying. I suppose it serves a purpose in keeping the pecking order but as vampires are strange to start off with, it can get really strange in some groups.

When alone and seeking it is tough to know how to find like-minded people. It is meant to be, this is your journey, you can make it as hard and dramatic as you choose and whine about to everyone you meet. But understand most of us came through that path as well. It was not deliberately put together that way, it is very much part of our nature to be suspicious of new comers. And those Gatekeepers that challenge you and push your buttons were not elected or put there by committee…they naturally fell into that position because it is their nature.

It is in my nature to advise quietly in the background, watching your response to the Dragon at the Gate…lol..if you are kin and a genuine seeker, you will get seen and heard. I promise. 🙂

2 comments on “Vampire Trial by Combat

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  2. I cant even comment on this article as its sad that this is even accepted. Verbal combat? Trial by fire? Isnt it hard enough to awaken? To feel the sensations? To remember what memories some of us do? To feel displaced the whole of our lives to feel displaced yet again among KIN?! Seriously, this being acceptable, is disgusting even if thought necessary. There are plenty of those in the community who are looked at sideways who REMAIN in the community and arent verbally combatted but ignored as one of those who should be avoided but those with general interest and looking to learn and grow and develop spiritually, mentally, emotionally, night-side-wise are shunned and told they are crazy. Its not just a trial by fire or verbal combat, its egotistical power trips in a lot of cases from those who have been around longer than another to feel special and smart and right when majority of ALL experiences can be individual perception. So yes, it is well written and does show what the community is like in the beginning but it certainly is a disgusting aspect of our subculture and communities.


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