Newsletter Idea


Newsletter Idea

By Damien Ferguson

It was a late evening. Darkness already talking hold of the land. He was just getting home. Excited to change, relax and hop onto the forums of some of the most active in the ovc in that time.

The intelligence, learning,  socialization and goofiness that abounded was amazing to him. You could spend hours reading intelligent debates on various topics of vampirism.

Ahhh… The good old days… those same feelings don’t really exist today like they once did. Long gone are the talks, intelligent debates, socialness and goofiness.

It annoys me.

Yes serious stuff is all find and dandy, but where is the fun, building ties and learning deeply about ourselves and conditions?

From talking to diz I think her idea of a type of newsletter, or monthly or no monthly update could actually work. It be worked on and loaded with deep things, not simply stuff for new folk, fun, questions, stuff to socialize and discuss.

Of course we would need more than one or two people asking or adding to it. So what have you in ways of thoughts on this? Is it something folk would like to see, work on, add to, or use to learn and grow in various ways?

About shadowsaged

I am here to teach and share knowledge :)

4 comments on “Newsletter Idea

  1. I agree I think it would be a great Idea as well


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  3. I would like to see this happen. I get many questions and would be more then happy to share them. Plus, many questions of my own. It is easier to subscribe to a newsletter via email provider. I love going to my email and finding information, I want to know about. It’s fast and easy. A newsletter to answers questions, have updates on community activities, festivals, books, movies, new groups, artwork, tattoos, music, fashion, gothic living. etc. etc. all things dark.


  4. […] Asked about a newsletter/e-zine type idea […]


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