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How NOT to be a Psychic Vampire’s Happy Meal …

rkyukryukBy Samael Anathan


So when I asked what article topic would be my next assignment, the answer I was given was on how not to be a victim to a psychic vampire.

Now being a energy  vampire myself, and one that seems to have been rather unappealing in taste and not needing to actively shield myself for many a blue moon, I thought to myself,
‘How is a wolf going to try teach sheep not to be food…’

(Yes, yes I know, very bad form, old chap, comparing donors to livestock, but at the end of the day – We are the hunters and they are our prey. So Politically Correctness aside, please bear with me.)

Okay, so where do we start?
Well logically, the best place to start would be to know what it is exactly your protecting yourself against. Who is actually ‘hunting’ you?

To put it in a nutshell, if you are being hunted by vampires or whatever the PC term is these days, you need some basic information. There are a broad spectrum of real vampires, primarily two groups, those who feed off blood, and those who feed off energy.

Now the vampire community is governed in many different forms, many very loose ones, depending on the country, the community and the individual Houses and Covens by set of ethical guidelines designed to serve as a moral compass for rest of the vampire community. These guidelines are have been edited and updated, renamed and remade in various shapes and forms since 2000 when it was created by several big honchos.

They are more commonly known as the ‘Black Veil’.

Out of the 13 guidelines there is one that concerns us and this article, donors. As the Veil states – “Allow donors to make an informed decision before they give of themselves to you. Do not take rapaciously from others, but seek to have an exchange that is pleasant and beneficial for all. Respect the life that you feed upon and do not abuse those who provide for you.“

In a perfect world this would be followed and we would have no need for an article on how to protect yourself, but this isn’t a perfect world, and hello, you are reading this article.
(Shock, Gasp, Horror)

Now to the hunters:

The blood suckers don’t really go around jumping innocent victims for blood or robbing blood banks, they rely on willing clean donors to provide what they need to sustain them. Consensual, safe, a sane agreed upon exchange between two or more consenting adults.

That is if a Sanguine vampire is lucky enough to have a donor, otherwise they seek other methods and become frequent visitors to local butchers and abattoirs. We don’t have to worry too much about protecting yourself from the blood vampires. Most follow the donor guidelines rather strictly because if they don’t and word gets out then, well, old, dead animal blood is on the menu, and that is NOT as tasty as fresh warm people blood.

The psychic vampires and many different types of energy feeders, come in all shapes and sizes. They feed off everything from nature, elements, crowds, individual emotions – anger, misery, joy lust etc. These are the guys you need to look out for.

(No offense, from one psy to another, just breathe ok).

Also trying to following the Black Veil, their methods of feeding are far more subtle and less noticeable by a untrained individual or a poor little fluffy sheep*…
(*Donor/Swan/Prey/Victim *enter PC term here).

Psychic vampires for the most also rely on donors to help sustain them, but in the event of no donors they have to find some way of feeding.I will happen unconsciously if not consciously.

Since it’s not very nice to walk up to someone and say, “Hey, I am a starving psychic vampire, and I want to feed off your energy and you going to have some short term side effects which will include, but are not exclusively feel, emotional drained, fatigue, fluctuating moods and so on. Have a nice day” …It doesn’t work much.
(nom nom nom)

Now that we know a bit about who is doing the hunting, a bit more on the hunting process itself.
Each vampire has their unique skills to feed off their prey, most common shared trait is empathy to a certain degree and many others, including glamour and time shifting. Using our gift and talents at our disposal and knowing that we need to feed in order to sustain our chi/prana/lifeforce/mojo, we select a hunting ground.

Most common are:

– Surface feeding off crowds, clubs, concerts, malls, shops, work, anywhere where people gather in groups is the most common one, and less intrusive.
– Trolling open forums, inciting arguments, picking up on the ‘vibe’ and ‘atmosphere’ of the environment.

The emotions and energy being thrown all over the place, we target individuals or the entire crowd, depending on the skill of the vampire in question. Unseen and unnoticeable until the prey is left seriously drained – physically and emotionally and crashing for no particular reason.

Boom! you have just been a Happy Meal.

Another method is a bit more personal and referred to as contact feeding, needing direct contact with our prey. Direct contact does not necessarily mean physical contact but it does help and makes the feeding a lot more intense, but even a private conversation or a comment thread on a social media platform it can be just as intense. It’s where the vampire interacts directly with an individual, one on one. Not informing the prey of what is about to happen, we form a connection of sorts, reach out with spiritual tentacles and nomnomnom…

Eros vampires inducing feelings of sexuality, need and want, emotional feeders inducing fluctuating emotional states, getting into your space and knowing what button to press in order to get the response we need to get our meal. Not very ethical being manipulated into situations you really have no control over but we do what we need in order to survive.

Now you know who/what is hunting you and a very rough idea of how, you probably sitting there, as a happy meal, thinking one of two things –

1. What a lot of bull is this guy spewing ? Is he taking his meds or is he having a bad trip ?

To these people I say, congrats to being so closed minded and you are most likely on top of the menu as starters, cause even we hunters love a challenge and you are just way too easy.

2. Damn , I knew something was going on!!! How do I protect myself from being a Happy Meal??

To you I say, put down the garlic, stop reciting Latin prayers and please, put the crucifix away, you just look silly. I am going to tell you how to protect YOURSELF, cause no one else will, against possible psychic vampire attacks, if you are willing to try and put in some effort.


The first protection is to be aware and avoid. How does your energy feel to you when you meet certain people and go into certain groups of people? If someone makes you feel tired every time you chat, move along.

Protection from Psychic Vampires or any outside influences effecting your aura or energy field are most commonly obtained from the use of shields.

(No not the ones in Star Trek, Scotty is not going beam you up here).

Everyone has something called a field around them, a morphic field, which is a watered down natural shield that is fairly weak and should not serve as the primary or first line of defense.

A construct is basically energy that has been focused and programmed to a specific purpose.

A shield is an energy construct that is used as a form of protection Psi attacks and feeding vampires. One of the more important things to remember is that every shield is just a construct, so they can do almost whatever you can think of its all up to you.

Ok, now that you have wrapped your mind around the fact that you have a natural occurring energy field around you at all times, that you can use and manipulate this energy to protect yourself from outside beasties that want to feed off you, we can proceed on to how exactly you engage your shields.

The most basic shielding construct that can be used is what is referred to as the bubble shield.
Generally this shield will not take a lot of damage and will break easily. But can be used as a base to add unto your construct, enforcing it as you see fit. (Think Green Lantern, your will and focus is creating a invisible barrier surrounding yourself). You need to visualize a thin layer of energy around your body . This, literally, is a bubble of energy surrounding your body. Form this thin layer of energy into a bubble shape around you, surrounding you completely. Focus on it so that it no longer becomes just a visualization but an actual construct. You become less easy food.

From this “base”, you can add programming for it to do other things.

From this most basic base you can add onto it by making its surface like that of a mirror, so that and attack or poking of the shield will be reflected back at the hunter. You can visualize the outside skin to become think and gooey, almost marshmallow in texture and thereby absorbing the energy used to attack and convert it into reinforcing the shield itself. Or is some chases you can make the outside layer that of fire, and anyone probing or attacking will be burnt…well not literally, you pyromaniac, but they will back off rather quickly.

If there is call for it, a more in depth article on shields and constructs will be considered but these are the basics.

As a wolf said to the sheep, do not be a Happy Meal, it is up to you to protect yourself and be aware to who it is you are chatting to, flirting with, offering your energy too and what is going on around you. As unethical as it sounds and seems we as vamps have a need, a hunger as fundamental as your need for food and water. Sometimes lines will be crossed, toes will be stepped on, but in those times it cannot really be helped and we are often very sorry afterwards.

About me…
I am both a Sang and Psychic vampire. As a Sang with no donors available I adapted to being able to feed off different types of energy. And, yes I have practiced unethical energy feeding from individuals and from crowds in order to sustain myself. I am well aware that these actions are not very PC but in my defense with little or no donors in the VC as a whole and even less in my local area there isn’t much of a choice left to us vampires.

Taking into account the VC guidelines on discretion, unethical practices like this will continue, we just wont talk about I much. Terms such as ‘parasite’ and ‘leeches’ will be thrown around more commonly. We are outcast for many good reasons, without donors we are forced to fend for ourselves. We look to the Vampire Community to network and help us with this.

One comment on “How NOT to be a Psychic Vampire’s Happy Meal …

  1. Avoid energy drain. +Protect the throath to root chackras. Which is the main energy system of the body that parasitic entities are after night and day. (Food enters and waste goes out) +Make pouches filled with Crystal salt or round flat orgonite. ORGONITE -craft made with resin, metal shavings and Crystal. ((Learn how to make.) +For throath chackra knot a long sock around the neck with the pouches inside. + On a t-shirt attach pouches running from the neck down, front and back. +on a underpant attach pouches on top of the genitals, perineum and the anus. Wear as needed. +The relief is felt at once. +Kirk is out


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