Eros Vampire

thwrthrthBy Samael Anathan

A modern real vampire is a living being, a ‘normal’ person on the surface, but needing to feed of subtle energies from outside sources. The sources vary greatly, depending on the specific individual grouped into several general classifications or groups.

The group we are focusing on in this article is what is known in the vampire community as a Eros Vampire.

Now to fully understand what a Eros vampire is to understand what type of energy is required to sustain us. Being one of the least spoken about, and least known of all the vampire types. Eros vampires feed quite basically off lust. One of the oldest and most primitive, primal and instinctual energies generated by humans. Being one of the original 7 deadly sins, as well as, as depicted in Dante’s Inferno, having it’s own circle of hell dedicated to punishing it’s abusers, the definition of lust is as follows – According to http://www.thefreedictionary.com/


1. intense sexual desire or appetite.

2. uncontrolled or illicit sexual desire.

3. a passionate or overwhelming desire or craving and/or a lust for power.

4. ardent enthusiasm; zest; relish: a lust for life.

5. Obs.

a. pleasure or delight.

b. desire; inclination; wish.

6. to have intense sexual desire.

7. to have a passionate yearning or desire

Throughout mythology there have been myths and stories told of entities feeding off the sexual energy of humans. Seducing, corrupting and feeding off their energies, leaving them drained physically and emotionally. The most noted entities that are categorized as such are the ‘demons’, incubi and succubae. As with any myth, there are usually some fact related to it. Such a example would be the more typical vampire figure, nosferatu being the archetype of the Sanguine Vampires. Eros vampires are often compared to incubi and succubae due to the methods used to feed and the fact that they feed off lust.

Knowing what it is exactly what Eros feed off, I can explain in deeper depth as to what a Eros vampire is and their methods.

An Eros vampire feeds of another individuals heightened state of arousal, the energy generated by said aroused state, the sustaining of the state and eventually the explosion of pure energy resulting from a climax. Unlike most other Psi vampire types the Eros do not feed of the ‘donor’ directly, ie. emotions, but rather from the energy generated from the aroused state, not draining the individual themselves and not allowing for side effects encountered from general person to person feeding. The energy being generated being of a more pure nature than those of emotions, also requires them not to be filtered by the feeding vampire.

Having the ability to feed from others, there are different methods of feeding. Each method allowing for a greater exchange of energy, and depending on the level of need the vampire has. These categorized in to 3 parts of feeding – Ambient feeding, surface feeding and deep feeding. The descriptions for those feeding levels can be found in ‘The Psychic Vampire Codex’ By Michelle Belanger. The relevance of the levels of need is to explain to you the methods of Eros feeding.

Ambient feeding:

Since it is spread out in the atmosphere, it is taken in without direct contact from other individuals. Ambient energy can be intensified by the level of ‘longing’ so enhancing its effectiveness. Most common place would be bars, clubs and establishments where lust is common place such as strip clubs, BDSM clubs etc.

Surface Feeding: ( most common method used )

This involves taking from another individual(s) directly. Physical contact is not necessary for a surface feed. For the Eros vampire, a surface feed (minus contact) would involve acts such as suggestive glances, flirting, sweet talk, toying and teasing. The main point is to give the source(s), what they would like. Surface feeding can also be achieved online through sexting.

Now, speaking from personal experiences a Eros has the ability to induce a heightened state of arousal in the source and using this induction process be able to read the persons wants and desires and exploit them to create a even higher level of arousal. Usually though the eyes, eyes being the windows to the soul, we are able to create a connection with the source, and project our hunger and need into them in the form of sexual arousal. By inducing a level of lust into the source there have been several symptoms experienced and are common with the induction processes – heightened heart rate, shallow and faster breathing, rise in body temperature, increased levels of arousal.

We manage to push all the right buttons to get the most optimum state of arousal so as to maximize the energy being fed off. The longer the state of arousal lasts the more energy gets siphoned off through the connection until the source is compelled to find release of the heightened state, either though manual self stimulation or in some cases spontaneous release. Then by the explosion of pure raw energy released the Eros are overwhelmed by a flood of energy all absorbed into our being and our hunger is stated for the moment. The source being left with a feeling of euphoria.

* Contact Surface Feeding:

This will of course intensify the energy even more, also increasing the sources level of arousal. This involves physical contact often but not exclusively involving BDSM practices to increase the state of arousal. The exchanges between Sadists and masochists This would involve gentle caresses, erotic dances, kisses and embraces etc. The key to maintaining this level of arousal for as long as possible. Maintain and amplify. The longer the tease continues, the more amplified the energy. Allow yourself to be serenaded in the lust of the moment.

Deep Feeding:

This can be achieved by various methods, biologically and subtly.

             * Biologically: it would involve accessing the partner at the highest point of arousal and then climax/s.

* Subtly/Spiritually: It can be accessed through, tantric means which will help achieve a deep feed by allowing each individual to bolster their energies to the fullest and allowing each other to draw deeper of one another.

These do not necessarily have to involve the act of intercourse, although it would be more effective. For deep feeds, it is best to share it with someone that is special and a deeper connection has been forged. With the source understanding who and what you are and understanding your needs. Deep feeding can also be achieved through other methods such as ritual, BDSM play sessions etc.

The ambient & surface methods described above, are typically referred to as hunting. The donor/source in most causes are not informed of the withdrawal of energy. This is how we feed, we hunt. We hunt to feed from the most purest and primal of energies. It is an exchange, giving and taking. It is usually done without informing the donor because, due to various reasons, the hunter does not tell the prey it is on the menu. It changes the energy patterns and defeats the purpose. As far as the hunting, it is an exchange, from us, the pleasures we have to offer to excite, stimulate and please using our abilities leaving the donor is a euphoric state and in exchange we take what we need.

The Deep Feeding methods, are typically referred to as going in for the kill, and should obviously be taken with the more ethical approach by informing the donors of who and what you are, as to build up trust. Donors are not to be taken for granted or to be abused.

Now given the basic description of who and what we are, I hope is help to better understand our nature and our needs. Due to our hunting and feeding methods, in the general vampire community we are considered to be relatively unethical and are taboo subjects. In our modern society where almost every thing has been sexualized, the act, the want and the need itself is still considered to be a topic not discussed in polite company. That being the case the Eros vampires tend to be ostracized and pushed aside labeled as perverse, corrupt and just plain creepy.

It is my hope that with this article, being one of my personal experience and not to be seen as a text book entry for all Eros vampires, the reader will better understand who we are and what it is we do in order to get what it is we need to survive. As unethical as our methods may seem, we do not do any harm while hunting, instead we leave our prey satisfied and euphoric. We may be seen and categorized as demons, but we are definitely the fun kind 😉

4 comments on “Eros Vampire

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  2. I am still not confortable telling girls or any body that I am a vampire, it sound too cheese and attention whoring, specially with so many role-players and wannabes acting retard, with cunts like Tony Hog and his cohorts ridiculing the community, and dare to claim that they deserve to be community leaders, after their purpose was to duplicate reliable Vampire groups, adding people left and right who in most cases didn’t request to be added to those groups, people who weren’t into vampirism, they added everyone and no one to their groups to have numbers, yeah, pathetic, bunch of mundanes who didn’t care about vampirism, in a vampire group, well if he wants to proclaim himself leader of the pathetic cunt fuck morons, yeah, that is right, he is the leader of them all. In all the years I watch the vampire community, I noticed this behavior, people working too hard to be noticed, to appeal to others, to lick assholes, and finally to be a leader, to get some ego power trip, take up a dumb fuck tittle, like elder, father, mother, king and other title to feel better about themselves, followed by people too lazy to do some fact checking and research, sheep mentality, after a new fad, coming and going, staying long enough to praise their new found leader, until they grow out of it in a few months. It’s all about book sales and other money making events in the make off vampirism. ohh don’t get me started on those writers whose name I won’t mention but every one knows who I am talking about, those that borrowed and misused sanskrit in order to fancy up their white washed material and appeal to the masses, make some cash and a name for themselves, leading the feeble and weak minded, who don’t know any better, and most likely won’t do anything to know any better, because they are too lazy to research and fact check.


  3. I feed in many ways,physically,emotionally,sexually. But to be honest I’ve never been off of. I would love the chance. I’m a 26 year old female living in the northwest. Wether it is my blood,my fear,rage,or joy you prefer…….I would be more than willing to reliquish all desires,other than your desires. Should I deem you worthy? Ha! Blood type A+…. Iq 147 religious prefrenc,…finding the sword? And no,I’m not crazy,or fat.

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  4. I never see anyone feeding how I like to. I usually visualize the person and connect to their energy. Then draw inwards.


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