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Hybrid Dilemma


by Samael Anathan

Say the word “hybrid” in the Vampyre Community, and automatically the VC thinks of this as referring to how you feed, employing both psi and sang methods. This already causes speculation and makes waves. Now add a dash of therian to the mix, and step back to watch the fireworks.

However, the hybrid I am referring to is the combination of a vampyric soul with that of another, such as angel, shadow, demon, fae, elf and yes even Therian. Now bring that topic up in the VC and most otherkin communities, and you are shunned, ridiculed and labeled a role-player – all that for being true to your nature.

‘Choose one and stick to it’ – Well how can you choose one, if in your core you are both or even more.

I have spoken to many international and local VC members who hide their ‘other’ side for fear of not being accepted by their Vampyric kin. So they hide this, the struggle within with no help or assistance from their kin. If being a Vampyre is a strain on ones mental, physical and emotional state, imagine two or more, and being alone with no one to turn to.

Isn’t the whole point of the VC to promote tolerance and learn, grow and educate. Yet they not only deny the possibility but also dismiss any and all Hybrids as “watching too many movies”. Well isn’t it curious that this is the same way the rest of the world looks at real Vampyres?

In my opinion, this is hypcrisy.

Most have generally accepted the off side possibility that Hybrids may exist and do not label people who are hybrids as role-players. Instead, most try to reach a better understanding of the dynamics of the concept together with those who so self identify.

I find it strange that the only Otherkin community that does not scoff at the idea of hybrids within their ranks, are the Angelkin – and from what I have seen, this is also one of the more shunned communities within the VC,

An extract from one of many Angelkin Forums:

‘More than just an ‘Angel’

Not all Angelkin are Angels, Angels can visit other spiritual realms for which they have a liking and mate with whomever they choose (yes, sex is a fairly common theme with all life, especially spiritual life) common cross breeds a dragon-angels, elf-angels and shadow-angels etc. ‘

Therefore, I would like to say that we are here, we are among you, and you can keep your eyes closed to us – or you can embrace us.

I am a participating member of the VC; I am wolf, I am Vampyre, and I am a little something extra for added spice. I am what I am, who I am. If I do not fit into the box of what you think a Vampyire should be, then well all I can say … It doesn’t matter what you think.

This is addressed to the other Vampyric hybrids: I ask that you no longer be afraid to accept what you are, stand up, and let your voices be heard.

Hybrids of the World unite!

I am Samael Anathan
I am Vampyre
I am Wolf
I am Fallen

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