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Otherkin Community Warning! 2-1-16


Otherkin Community Warning!!


From Otherkin Resource Guide page on FB:


It has come to our attention (thanks for the tips guys!!) that the trolls are also coming from a group known as Shitzerkerz. They are attempting to hide the fact that they are from these groups, however I think we’ve proven so far that we are far smarter than them. Stay vigilant.

There is a list of various otherkin groups and things that are being targetted by trolls. Be cautious in who you add and continue the stonewall of the trolls!

They did start to hit FB groups until the word got out about them. No reason really known as to why they started. But hopefully this warning, as well as those of others, will help keep the trolls away!

Goodluck everyone!

*To note our own Modern Vampiric and Otherkin Group is on the list thus if you are wanting in it will take some time unless you message an admin and have a conversation.


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One comment on “Otherkin Community Warning! 2-1-16

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