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January 2016 on Shadow Sage

January started out good for the Greater Vampire Community, with lively discussions, more information, and calls for change. Shadow Sage prides itself in helping give a voice to others and community building and since there was a need for a psychic vampire group to discuss feeding, abilities, teaching and learning, the Psychic Vampires group was put up. We hope to see it grow more and be a home for our psychic vampires and energy-feeders.

Psychic Vampire Primer by Kate Gallwey
Introduces the truth behind the misunderstood psychic vampires and what lies behind the ill reputation.

Shielding with Remote Energy Source by The Singing Tarot
Discusses the importance of and how a shield can be powered by an external source.

Toxic! by Deacon Gray
On how to deal with toxic people in the Vampire Community

Packs – The Breakdown by HisCaptiveCherry
Discusses the ranks and dynamics within a wolf pack

Altars by Kate Gallwey
A concise yet in depth discussion on building a successful altar.

8 Tips for New Donors by Deacon Gray and Jade Oppress
Helpful instructions that can save new donors from many painful situations.

To Forum or Not to Forum by Damien Ferguson and Rei
The benefits and disadvantages of the community returning to the forums.

Starting Your Own House or Local Community by Damien Ferguson
Effort and commitment to getting it off the ground goes a long way.

Blood Bonds by Damien Ferguson
Blood bonds are deep and powerful. Responsibility for the results is the key to harnessing it properly.

Spirit Servitors by The Singing Tarot
Creating spirit servitors and what to do with them after.



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