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Spirit Servitors

What is a servitor? Not everyone seems to agree.

Firstly, constructs are programmable machines made of energy. We extract a bit of energy and telepathically instruct it to do something, e.g. channel or refine energy, maintain a shape (such as a shield), or some other relatively mundane task.

Servitors could be defined as:

  1. Pieces of energy infused with a spirit, often to perform more complex tasks
  2. A piece of our own intelligent spirit energy split off for a task
  3. An advanced construct without “living” spirit energy

I make no claim to any of these over another. As with any community, sometimes we lack a concrete etymology. Most people who talk about servitors seem to refer to #3, with the servitor name stemming from building it with one’s own (e.g. core) energy.

True spirit energy is part of a “living” being, not just food in its core. I put “living” in quotes because disincarnated (ghost) and nonhuman beings are alive in a nonphysical sense. We can split off parts of our spirit to perform tasks. If we’re uncomfortable, we can ask the higher self to split off a slither of his/her energy for our use. Assigning the spirit energy a purpose is very important. If we don’t, the entity might get bored and return to us. Every spirit has a purpose in the universe, even if incarnated humans don’t generally know ours. When you’re done, reabsorb the spirit servitor. It’s part of you. (Sometimes spirits remain split from us for other reasons.)

As a shaman and psychopomp, sometimes I use spirit servitors to speak with other spirits. Once I requested the servitor ask local nature spirits about the impact of my gardening practices. I often split myself to converse with numerous deceased spirits at once, helping them transition back to their higher selves.

Remember to treat your spirit servitors well and use them ethically. If their task is complete, it’s time to reintegrate.

A somewhat related concept is the so-called spirit shield. You can ask 2+ human spirits to weave themselves together and surround you, creating a very powerful shield. This helps bring meaning and purpose to their temporary stay on the astral plane, though if they’re ready, it’s more humane to offer to help them transition (find and go into “the light”). Always respect whatever decision they make. They are people, after all.

~John at Singing Tarot
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