To Forum or Not To Forum? 


To Forum or Not To Forum
By Damien and Rei

A lot of things changed in the community since the dawn of the internet. Different platforms have been used, including but not limited to Ning, MySpace, LiveJournal, EZ Board which later on became Yuku. This past 5 years years however saw the full fledged move to social media,with Facebook as the most ubiquitous. The ease of instant mobile access saw the proliferation of  vampire groups.


With this, it became easy to network and connect with others, and to get help at a moment’s notice

However, this came with issues. Social Media are designed for instant consumption. Folks have been conditioned to read and reply only to latest posts, with old posts usually not being touched, which lead to multiplicity of topics. Moderation tools are also limited, which makes handling trolls a problem. The fact that the platform and ultimately content are owned by the social media platform, with the group creators and admin having little control to much else  also leads to privacy problems because share-ability is king.


Because of these, there have been cries to move back to forums for years now but for some reason, it never happens. Some suggested using other networks or companies that require payment, but most of those sites are still not fully safe unless you build your own from scratch. We hear the call to move back but no one really does, why is that?


It may be because of the drawbacks, mainly, it’s harder to access. A lot of forums do not have mobile apps, and members are limited to connecting to members of the same forum only. The GVC is also not short of diversity in factions and interests and sub communities. With forums,  it would be difficult to get in touch with those whom are not from the same circles as folks tend to flock with like-minded folk.


On the other hand, forums offer features that social media does not:

  • Increased security. The anonymity of members are protected. This is specially important for those who couldn’t afford to get outed as vampires. Reporting accounts as a form of censorship and retaliation are unheard of. Gatekeepers are also employed which keeps potential troublemakers out. Add the fact that there are certain topics that  lot of members would be far more comfortable discussing away from non-vampire’s eyes.
  • Better Organization. Threads can be merged or split as necessary. Topics related to each other can be grouped together under their respective sections. This makes it easier to find information and past posts, which are usually goldmines of knowledge and insight.
  • Less Trollish Behavior. Due to the different levels of moderation, problematic folk are easier to control and without having to exclude them from everything outright.
  • In Depth Discussions. Since forums aren’t designed for instant consumption, folks usually have more time and more encouraged to give more thought out responses that lead to in depth discussions. This also discourages trollish behavior as view points would be exchanged more than empty yet inflammatory replies.
  • Diverse modifications. Users can customize their signatures and titles, and different moderation levels can be assigned, as opposed to the format in Social Media where only the name appears on posts and replies. This is particularly helpful when you need to know whom to contact for moderation needs and/or particular issues.

From that short discussion, it’s noticeable how Forums answer the needs of the Greater Vampire Community better than Social Media does. Yet despite the repeated expressions of desire to return, GVC members still mostly remain on Social Media Platforms. Could it because we have become too comfortable with insta-everything?


How about you? What do you think would make people go back to the forums and what keeps them from going back to the forums? Or should the community wait for next biggest platform?

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3 comments on “To Forum or Not To Forum? 

  1. I love the Forum and I prefer them. I think we are all living life at a fast pace.The dayside keeps most of my time occupied. I find it hard to get the extra time to relax and read in a forum. I go to my mail then I am on facebook, tumblr, tweeting, pinning, stumbling etc. etc. They are way much better than facebook and with better information. It is always rush rush and hurry up, on my schedule. What would be great in a forum, is a way to have it all in one spot. WordPress accounts, twitter, pinterest, tumblr, etc. etc. etc. Like all your mail, new posts and notifications linked into one spot. I go to yahoo and start opening stuff up from there. So, a mailbox containing all your links built within, the forum site. That would be cool. instead of having to go here, there and everywhere. A one stop hotspot. That is why a lot of people are not using the forums anymore. It’s not fast enough and people don’t have enough hours in one day to just go be in a forum site. I can get lost on pinterest, I start and can’t stop pinning. It’s fast and easy. That would be cool to see that in a forum. Like pinterest, find an article and save it to your own account in a forum site. It’s all about the speed in obtaining information…For good sit down education, a forum is the best way to learn. It’s finding that sit down time that is hard for some of us.


  2. FaceBook is like the simple internet for dummies I myself dont understand it and probably never will. I miss all the ning social networks but it got too expensive but not enough people tried spruz which I like. WordPress seems to be the new thing for some reason which I have but prefer ning and spruz. We just need to get out of the trap of facebook I wouldn’t even be there if everyone else wasn’t I will never get it…


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