Psychic Vampire Primer


Psychic Vampires Primer
By Kate Gallwey

We have a bad reputation; we are called parasites and cause trouble to feed off it and we if go too long without feeding we can start to auto-feed without being aware of it. Drama will be a constant reminder to feed.

We get low and ill without that something that cannot be measured or put under a microscope. We are not going to find a physical solution soon unless it is ‘all in our heads’ and can be drugged or hypnotized out of us. Like a cure for being gay, a cure for being a psychic vampire is not going to happen.

To be a psychic vampire requires you learn to be aware of your energy at all times. Like someone with diabetes, monitoring your levels is a daily thing.

Most of us are born that way. Some are created through long term deficiency. Some may have a possessive spirit attached that also pushes us into needing the extra something.

We mostly awaken into chaos, drama and trouble.
It goes off like emotional fireworks all around us.

“Why is everyone always picking on me?” is the general cry.
…and the answer is very simple: you are feeding off everyone around you and on most levels they know it and get a bit angry about it. Every animal knows when it is being used as food, including humans.

You didn’t even ask first.
Pain, and above all NEED.

The main reason I call myself vampire is the hunger that burns inside of me. I can see it in all ‘real’ vampires. It is the hunger that marks most of all.

Psychic Vampires are not that different from the blood-drinking vampires in their signs and symptoms.
Fatigue, deep, chronic tiredness that does not seem to fade with sleep or rest. Immune system, lymph and digestive system and organ degeneration. The list gets worse the longer you go without. Most sick people are desperate for energy. They may not be psychic vampires, just normal energy leaches, but the line blurs with hungry people.

We are like vessels that leak; where we leak the most depend on our genetics, lifestyle and environment. Most get headaches and get really listless. Trying desperately to find what they need in sex, drugs and loud music. The number of drug addicts that have the psychic vampire trait is huge.

After a while of not feeding, you start to hear and see the world in full-on, no-holds-barred, 3-D, in-your-face, over-the-top sensation. It doesn’t stop. Colours are everywhere, streaming off people in waves, watching them clash and swirl even with your eyes shut. Sound goes up and up and up with no remote to turn it down, you can be punched hard with a shout or scream. People stink to high heaven and you can smell shit and cigarettes everywhere. You can pick up emotions from everything you touch and the soap powder rubs rashes into your skin.

Psychic abilities are strong with most of us, but you have to be able to bring what you feel back to the body. To be able to ground and center is essential….and we cannot. There is no ground or center. When overwhelm hits, you cannot shield out the thoughts and emotions, they blast at you from every direction until you are begging for something, anything to shut it out, just for a minute.
Defining the undefinable. What are we trying to feed off?

Energy is such a loose term. Yet without it we get so low and in pain we can hardly function. Normal humans eat food and dance in the sunlight. I have played with every diet you can think of and trained as a nutritionist for answers. There is no ‘super-food’ for me. I hunger for something else.

We toss words around like ‘prana’, ‘core’ and ‘Qi’ but we do not know for sure. You cannot use scientific tools to measure thought and emotion…yet. They can see where the thought comes from but not what is is. Kirlian photography comes close, and studies have and are being done.

But that is not going to help me with my hunger now.
I do not care what label you put on me, I need to feed.

You start with what you know and then take it further. There is no one to do this for you, you are really on your own here. Daily feeding will be needed, probably for the rest of your life.

Learn to sip the top of the energy column that is coming off all life forms. A crowd is a good place to start. Like the top of a candle, this energy is just flowing out to the universe. See it as a free snack. Drawing it in through tendrils, breath, visualization. It doesn’t really matter, pull the top of that flame towards you and inhale it. It is like a sip of water when you are dying of thirst. It often feels like a pain-killer kicking in. Crowds have it rolling off them and you are not hurting anyone with this type of feeding, they do not notice.

If I am hungry, drama will happen around me. Feed me first and I can hold space, be more focused and aware of every energy flowing better than anyone else. There are many people out there that will feed you energy if asked. In this, the blood drinkers have it harder. I can flirt with someone and gently ask for energy, the answer is rarely no.

Learn to ask, you will be surprised. I was.

I learnt to draw through my hands at first. Placing my hands on their skin and gently pulling in. I breathe it in now. Working past the mental and emotional layers to the soul level…again my labels may mean nothing to you. Just go deep into the person and you find an area that is rich, so rich, it nearly makes me cry. You never really look at a human the same again. They are the most complex and beautiful beings alive. To look at the soul of a human and draw just a tiny amount into yourself is better than chocolate and sex combined. You cannot help but to fall in love just a little. The flavours are rich beyond anything I have ever experienced. It is pure life and it probably is an addictive drug in itself.
The world is clearer and I am fully alive again. Sensations are manageable and the pain and hunger pales into insignificance. I am whole.

They often feel connected and an odd relief at being fed off. I do not understand it fully, but I know they are not in pain from what I do. A core feeding often drains them to a tired drowsy state. Watching them sleep afterwards is often rewarding. Holding space for someone while they relax and heal is something you can give back. A donor is a very beautiful being.

With practice you can learn to go beyond the physical boundaries and feed from a distance. Someone you meet online can give you that pain-killer.

People come in flavours… you can learn to feed off specific flavours like pain, anger and grief. You are not now a trouble maker or parasite but can absorb and feed off ‘negative’ emotions to become a benefit to your community. You can learn to feed off the wave form, not the thought form attached, making all energy just energy…not negative or positive. You can take away someone’s pain and watch them find ease in their bodies again.

What was once a curse can become a blessing.

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  1. […] Psychic Vampire Primer by Kate Gallwey Introduces the truth behind the misunderstood psychic vampires and what lies behind the ill reputation. […]


  2. […] Psychic Vampire Primer by Kate Gallwey Introduces the truth behind the misunderstood psychic vampires and what lies behind the ill reputation. […]


  3. I have a lot of questions burning in my mind! Do you have an email I may address you at?



  4. Damien.. i’ve been wanting to talk to you!!! I think I may have discovered some NEW information but I don’t know how I can put it out there to the Vamp Community. I need your help!!! Get up with me on FB messenger! 🙂

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