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How To Find A Donor

How to find a donor

by Damien

This is a question a lot of folk tend to ask. There are of course alternatives to a donor which you can find in our alternatives to a donor article. But for now we will be focusing on an actual donor.

Blood Vampires

Sang or blood drinking vampires tend to have the hardest time at finding a donor. I mean its not the easiest thing to go up to someone and ask to cut them and drink their blood after all. So how does one go about it? Well in truth your significant other is usually your best bet as hopefully you were honest with them about your needs. If not that could indeed cause issues. It is better to be hated for who you are than to live a false life after all.

Of course not everyone has a significant other. So then how would one go about it? There are a few options open to you of course. Close friends can be wonderful if they are open minded and care about your well being. Outside of that the GVC or greater vampire community and networking in it is a great resource to finding one. Other good places to find them would include life-styler vampire hangouts, gothic clubs, BDSM communities, and even in the past V:TM larping groups.

It can of course be nerve wrecking to work up the courage to ask. It can also always go wrong. Not only does one need to ask, but also obtain the records of the person’s blood work. A lot to ask and a lot of work. But putting in effort for your health is worth it.

Some tips I’ve found to work well: lead into it first, gauge the waters. Find out what they are into, limits, history, how open minded they are, how much they are willing to donate, etc. Knowing blood safety and them knowing the method you will use will help out a lot and make them more comfortable as well.

How do you choose someone in places like I mentioned? People have certain “flavors” about them. Follow your nose and gut to who smells or feels pleasant to you. Some may smell like food for lack of a better term, to you. Despite such, keep in mind that donors are to be respected and if they say no, you have to accept that and not push it.

Let your donor know that undergoing blood tests is important and you should too for everybody’s safety. It would also make them more comfortable knowing you’re tested.

Psi Vampires

They tend to have an easier time getting donors. They aren’t confined to such short distances as sangs and can even feed off the residual energy of crowds.

How would one though go about asking someone to give you energy or where would one look? Psy vamps tend to have a much wider variety of places to ask and look thanks to the neo rise of pagan cultures as well as well known vamps and t.v. shows. In truth you can indeed find energy donors all over. The GVC is always a good starting point. Otherkin and therian communities as well. Pagan groups can be, depending on the group, as some attach stigma against psy vampires.

Easiest way is to simply ask. Explain that it is necessary to keep your health up. Describe also the method you will use and give them assurance that they will not be harmed while doing so. It is important of course to actually follow through on that

Hope this helps some folk with this question. Remember to always ask permission and to follow the Donors Bill of Rights!

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