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How to load words

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By: Damien

So what are loaded words? Ever read something and get chills, mood changes right after, a headache out of nowhere or similar? That is a word or words loaded with energy that gets unleashed when one reads them.

Loading words with energy and to have an effect on one who reads them takes sometime to learn well. The effects can range from mood changes to pleasure to pain. Really depends on what you choose to work on and what route you go.

How you do this as I said does take some time to learn but with enough practice, you’d be able to get it.

This is how it’s done:

First, you start with the word. See it in your head, let it take shape like a 3d object. Learn to visualize this until it is easy to do so.

Once you have gotten good at doing that inject it with energy with a specific intent. This will take some time to get right. Don’t pour energy into it or overfill it. You want it like a small running stream thru the word. Be clear on the intent of the energy and the word.

Once you’ve gotten well at that, it’s time to put that word with energy into what you type or write. Feel it flow from you into the word as you type it out. If done properly the word once read should trigger an effect in its readers.

Another method of doing is like this:

Clear your mind and focus your intention. Feel it concentrate to a point. Then feel it solidify into a word, after which, making it vibrate with intention. Then type or write as needed.

In any case, it’s not that difficult to defend against; the best way to defend against this is simple shielding.

Tell us how it goes. Good luck!

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