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By Kacy

Someone (rudely I might add) once asked me at my older brother’s house what it was like to be a mutt. Now I take offense to being called a mutt. I know a lot of therians, otherkin, and the like that are more than one specific kind. Me, I am a psy vamp/wolf mix. It doesn’t matter what others call me, the true technical term is Hybrid. I get aspects of both, and while I do love it, it sucks on occasion. The names, the glares, the assumptions. Don’t let them get you down. Being a Hybrid isn’t bad. While I whine on occasion, being a Hybrid is the only reason I was able to become Beta of my brother’s pack. Don’t assume anything about Hybrids. It can all depend on what kind of Hybrid you are.  No one ever said it was easy. No one at all. I didn’t have someone to help me until I was older. Best advice I can give? Talk to people, see what they tell you.


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Addicted to gaming, writing, music, pizza, and friends. 26, and loving my life

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