Open Call


We at the blog are interested in guest writers or even folks in the ovc, otherkin, therian and pagan communities to write or let articles be placed on the blog. We want real content that is informative and helpful in creating a community of knowledge, discussion and sharing. Care to get involved?

We would be either setting up your own category section for your writings, if you joined as a writer and wanted your own corner. Or we would add them to the already existing categories.  If the article is abit controversial or even not in agreement with others we would still post it. We would only add a simple Only reflects views of the author at the end. We also do not mind helping out with editing, ideas or fleshing out writings if one wanted those services.

Writing may seem like it isnt much, but it can help people, change things and all kinds of things. The pen is mightier than the sword after all!

Either contact us in this post, on FB or by Private Message!

About shadowsaged

I am here to teach and share knowledge :)

5 comments on “Open Call

  1. sounds kind of interesting

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  2. how would one go about it

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