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Houses and You


By Damien

Houses are always talked about in the ovc. But how does one approach one, find out if they want to join one, or even if its a good house? What are the purposes of houses?

Along time ago houses were really needed.They served as safe havens when everyone was still in the shadows and the ovc was really small. Now a days houses are more for like minded folk, those who share the same goals and vision, a place for family, or a place to make members feel cool or that they have say and can throw weight around.

There are good houses and bad houses of course. Just like with anything.Most houses do tend to be private with knowledge and internal goings on. Its no different than a closed pagan circle or coven in that regard. Of course bad ones can use that closed door policy for vile purposes.

What are some signs of a good house? In truth just look at its members and how they act in the ovc,what they are involved in online and especially offline, if they are willing to answer questions, if the house has a type of philosophy, mission statement, etc.

Some signs of a bad house are the members always being involved in drama, unwilling to answer even basic questions, promises of secret knowledge or power, trying to exert will or bully local non house members, trying to.impose themselves on other houses,courts or places not local to them.

Of course the house model can lead to finding a family, learning, growing in various ways, as well as many other benefits. But you have to research and really use your ol noggin before making a decision if you want to join one.

So how might one go about finding a house? The best bet is either google vampire houses, or ask around in the ovc. Talk with the folks, read all you can, and observe them. What you are mostly looking for is if they display bad qualities so you know to avoid them. Then you are looking for their vision, idea or what have you to see if it fits what you like, would want, if you share the same goals or visions.

Hope this helps some folk in finding a house out there, the purpose of them and how to spot bad ones!


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