Tips to Keep Sang Donors Healthy


By: Giselle DeCavalier

If you have a Sang you donate to regularly, please remember a few simple things.

Eat well! This means the dreaded leafy greens, lean red meats, and dried fruit like prunes and raisins.

Drink A Lot of Fluids! No not alcohol, lol. It tends to dehydrate one’s self. I am talking water, juice and ect.

Rest! after donating! Trying to jump up like Super Donor 2 minutes after donating, tends to leave one in danger of falling on one’s face.

Sources of Iron:
Red meat
Egg yolk
Other good sources
Cereals, breads
Dark green leafy vegetables
Dried beans – kidney ,pinto, soy
Dark molasses
Dried fruits (raisins, apricots, peaches)

Why do I bring this up? I let it happen. I was where I could donate everyday for over a week to my sang. A BIG difference in donating 3 days three months apart After donating I jumped up to plug in my cell phone to recharge and almost fell flat on my face. Not Pretty!

About nocturnerie

Nerd. Avid learner. Blood-feeder. SS' whip wielder. :P

2 comments on “Tips to Keep Sang Donors Healthy

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