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Beware a Dreamwalker


By Damien

How to tell a dreamwalker entered your dream

A lot of people learn to lucid dream and from there they can learn to dreamwalk. But how do you know if someone dreamwalks into your dream? They could just be viewing, or they may have ill intent. Never know, but being prepared for the worst lets you be ready for anything.

It is quite simple really to tell when another enters your dream. A lot of times it will ripple just like if you throw a stone in a pond. Now of course if you are not lucid dreaming it may be hard to find who or what entered your dreams, but if you are lucid – well its the one thing in the dream you cannot control 😉

Mass deja vu, sudden mass confusion or memory loss can also be signs of someone entering your dream. Although the ripple is the most common, some folks feel the other signs listed instead.


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