Useless Drama and Bullying

By Damien

I think it is time for members of the VC/OVC who have seen the bullying that goes on to stand up and say and do something about it. It is time we put the Community back into the VC. Because this this is hardly the definition of community.

Something is currently happening in our community… It saddens me actually how individuals from our side are acting. It involves Anthony Hogg, who was invited into a group then attacked.

What puzzles me is this: Why is it that behaviour from we deem unacceptable from someone outside of the community, is accepted from those within it?

Yet. There has been a document floating around being worked on trying to get Hogg removed from the VC when he already is. Not only that, but during the time of it being made, members of the VC have abused, harassed, stalked and even advocated rape for Hogg and his friends in groups that aren’t even part of the VC. I don’t know about you, but to me that is a bigger issue than some guy in Australia talking online. So my question really is, if he is already removed from the VC, how can he be removed from the VC AGAIN?

It is because of this that I cannot support the toxic actions of people involved in this and I cannot support this document floating around. In fact it disgusts me and makes me disappointed. We could be using this time to build, grow, teach and even heal. Instead? Members of the VC go down a warpath.

Lately, we have been receiving some messages from the lesser known members of the VC about this issue. The bulk that comprises the community. A lot of them have seen the abuses going on but are not comfortable in voicing them out to our leaders. Mostly because they are intimidated and also due to the stance they have taken on this issue. I am truly astonished how our elders do not see the effects of this.  Because of this, I would like them to be heard. Most of us have dealt with being different…do we really want the stuff we had to deal with to be part of the VC? Even supported by leaders of the VC? I know I don’t.

In truth my disagreeing and refusal to be a part of the document and speaking up may make me lose friends or respect from a few. But I do not care, I cannot stand around and let what is happening happen. It is wrong for those things to happen.

I do hope people will stop this silliness and get back to doing something productive and worthwhile for the community at large and the local communities they are involved in. But this needs to be halted.

So I am offering a place to speak respectfully, but to have a voice. A voice against this bullshit. To take our community and turn it into something good, helpful and growing and healthy. Not something toxic, and controlled only by a select few. A place where people awakening do not have to fear asking questions to others of the community because of elders or anything like that. So to our quiet members, the silent majority, this is the time for you to stand up and be heard.

Feel free to leave your comments below.


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5 comments on “Useless Drama and Bullying

  1. Kudos to you for having the courage to stand up and fight for what is right. There is nothing I detest more than a bully… Unfortunately, we are a Vampyre Community and you’re going to run into what I like to call “Chaos Vampyres” from time to time. These Vampyres are chaotic in nature. They start drama everywhere they go because they feed off of the anger and other emotions that come along with trolling. I believe that the best way to combat these trolls and bullies is to simply ignore them. Ignore, ignore and ignore some more… If you don’t take the bait, they can’t reel you in. Ever since I decided to ignore those who were trolling me, they eventually stopped and moved on to the next person.

    But how do we ex-communicate them from the Online Vampyre Community…?? Is this even possible…?? You’ve brought up a good point when it comes to those questions. It sure does not help when the behavior is encouraged by the site administration. Take Vampire Rave for example… I have never seen such unprofessionalism in my LIFE. Not only do they turn a blind eye to the bullying and troll accounts that are on that site, they encourage it, sometimes even PARTICIPATING in that childish behavior. It makes me sick. Let’s hope we can make Vampyrian.org a safe haven from bullying, cyber bullying and trolls.

    Again, thank you for bringing up such a sensitive issue. It really needed to be addressed. I’m also not afraid to speak out against it. Let’s work together to bring down the sites that condone bullying. Going to the media could be a good start. I do know a person who has committed suicide due to the bullying activities on the aforementioned site.

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  2. Many times I have wanted to leave the VC because of the drama and because of the unforgiveness I have received for mistakes I have made in the past and just remain in the Goth community where there are no problems so I know this bullying all too well. However that would let them win and I don’t want to be a quitter so I stay and try to continue to help those that need me

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    • Hi vampyrian,

      Um, correct me if I’m wrong, but you were one of the people who signed said document. That means you’re part of the problem. So let’s not pretend your shit don’t stink.

      All communities have problems. The Goth community isn’t exempt; none are. No community is a utopia where absolutely everyone gets along. You gotta be real about that. The only thing that matters is how you conduct yourself.


  3. I already lwft the VC do to the drama and i really dont care or plan on going back….All the drama thats been going on here is crazy and yes i was one of the ones thats was threathen with rap by a woman named Sylvia nigal…But in the end she isnt worth my time…Although i block her she chases me from other accounts …I habe many names to gie bit in the end thst wont solve nothing…These people wont change and well as far as the elders i guess they can’t do there job either…So with this being said the VC has gone to hell amd as long as these ones that making the trouble are around ot will only get worse..
    So honestly ome ahould get out why they can…She i choice to side with Athony once well becuase what he had said was true and well my vampire betrayers couldnt handle that…So well then they walk away and formed they very own bulling pack i went and made. A bullying group for people that were being bullied on here and off here….And well one of my haters had my group shit down do i know who did it yes do i have proof …No…So either way something must be done because this problem keeps going the. VC will only get worse until theres nothing left to save….It isnt right to bully someone to make your self feel better theres meds for that…Or doctors…So i hope all will take this. Seriously becuase bullying is no joking matter lifes are lost to this…Time to grow up and act you age…Not your shoe size

    And yes Damien more than likely younwill loss many. Friemds amd they will turm your bavk on you well becuase i spoke up againist and well they did me…But when you have friends like that who needs enemies…Indo wish you the best on this and i do hope you get. Somewhere becuase i didn’t…But if we all stsnd together om this im sure we can make something happen or hopefully make it a better place one step at a time….

    Welll darkest of blessing!!!

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