An Open Letter to the Community

By Damien

The community experienced a terrible loss. Elizabeth, or more known to many as Sanguinarius or Sangi passed away a few days ago. It is a time to mourn and grieve the passing of one who did and gave so much to the community. There is no shame in showing emotion—crying, or whatnot during this time. A life lived as fruitfully as hers deserves to be grieved and honored

Issues with those outside our community should be put on hold as well as those within. This is a time for us as a community to be there for one another. To put our differences aside for a while and be a shoulder, an ear, a friend and fellow community member to those who need it.

Her website helped many and concerns about it are understandable and they will be handled in due time. But for now, let us not be distracted by these matters and focus on remembering her life, her spirit, her quirky sense of humor, and how she never stopped serving the community despite numerous setbacks and her eventual struggle with her health.

She may have passed on from this plane but her legacy lives on…she lives on in us. In her friends, in her teachings, in her articles, within those she helped, and especially those whose lives she saved. You are her legacy. In you, her life and her work continues.

A toast to Sangi. May her work and spirit inspire the next generation of real vampires!


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5 comments on “An Open Letter to the Community

  1. This is so very true and perfectly said.
    As for my own thoughts,I would just like to say from my own heart and in tribute to mybeloved,friend,confidont and soketimes party I sheer fun and silliness. I wll miss her so.
    I would like to take this moment to extend my apoligies to anyone one I will I have offended or acted harshly with in all my years of far longer then an old lady cares to say.
    Losing. Sangi has made me see how much we all need each other.

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  2. Gosh typing on my phone is a nightmare,any editing done is approved by me Damien

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  3. I didn’t know Liz except through the forums but she was always kind and very helpful to me, especially when I first became a Swan. She was one of the few vamps at the time who held Swans in the highest regard and she taught me to value my gift and not squander it on the undeserving. She will be sorely missed.


  4. Reblogged this on The Sanguinarian Swan Support Alliance and commented:
    A lovely tribute to a lovely woman. Good night Elizabeth.


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