Those Who Need Blood

Young woman with blood on mouth, close-up of lips

by Rei and Damien

In the age of political correctness, it seems that there are those who aspire to lump all vampires into one category and make it seem that their needs are the same. However, many seem to forget that a nice chunk of the OVC/VC need blood–those who call themselves sangs, bloodfeeders, vampire, upir, etc. Yet time and again, they often find their very specific need of blood questioned by the rest.

Over the years I have seen people argue the same things that drive the need for blood: iron deficiencies, addiction or blood fetish, the need to role play, and that they simply have not yet learned how to psi-feed. All of these ideas have already been proven wrong with various tests and trials from the members that need the same.

Some think that if sangs only learned how to psi feed then their needs would be met. If only it was so simple! I am sure every sang would be singing songs of rejoice if it were. Sadly it doesn’t do anything outside of maybe giving an energy burst, about the same as eating a snickers bar (mmm snickers…). But outside of that, it literally has zero effect on the hunger a sang goes thru. It does not help their body or any of the issues one may be going through due to a lack of blood either. Some sangs even, are pretty null in the energy and wouldn’t even be able to psi-feed. So it is just hilarious how those who suggest that, without taking the time to really learn the history of the sang/vampires.

Despite all these, the sang vampires’ need for blood still keeps being dismissed or minimized. And it makes me wonder. Why do people seem to want to explore that which has already been explored to death? Are people in the community as afraid of those who drink blood as the rest of the world? These are questions people do need to ask themselves I think.

For those who want to take the time to understand what it’s like for a sang, it mostly starts with a hunger, a thirst that no amount or kind of food or drink can sate. It builds and builds until either someone finds them and helps them or they stumble upon the taste of blood themselves. It is like finding the calm eye in the storm. It just clicks. From then on it is easy to see and figure out what is needed.

They find out one way or another what they need. There are other things that normally happen during this time too. As well as thru their lifetime. They normally heal much faster and tend to age slower than others. The sunlight may not burn them, but most do get more lethargic and even headaches or migraines when out in the sun or up during the day for too long. Outside of those basic things it can vary on what they can do or benefits that they get.

For those who need blood, the side effects of not getting are the following: symptoms that mimic depression, the health of the person deteriorates, lethargy similar to when suffers common cold, and impairment of mental functions and abilities. Worst of all, they can become more aggressive similar to a starving animal. There may be some variations, but these are the most common symptoms.

In order to avoid all these, blood may be taken in different forms. Almost all will agree that blood from a living donor is the best, though most can survive easily on animal blood or stored human blood if it’s taken care of properly. Blood usually have different tastes, depending on the person. If someone is sick or has something wrong with them, sangs can either smell it on them or taste it within the first taste of their blood as well. Animal blood on the other hand, always has a more wild or gamey flavour to me but I haven’t asked how it tastes for others.

Due to the usual stigma blood feeders receive from drinking human blood, some sangs get their fix by cooking! There are a decent amount of cooking recipes that require real animal’s blood. It makes it an easy excuse to use and outside of being thought that one’s food choices are odd, a sang would normally get left alone and not be judged by the outside world. If safety is a concern, this is such a simple solution so it baffles me why prejudices against those who need blood still exist within the vampire community

In conclusion, it really is quite simple. Those of the community who drink blood exist and need to be given the same respect and thoughtfulness as others. It is probably more dangerous to deny the information and those who need blood, as it will hurt the newly awakened ones and keep them from looking for answers before they end up hurting themselves or others.

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2 comments on “Those Who Need Blood

  1. I think it is really sad that some people can’t except that a vampire is feeding not being cruel or evil when they consume human blood. Most people never think they are of the damned when they eat fried chicken.

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