Donor Bonds


By Damien

I am sure if you’ve been around awhile you may have heard the term. Well donor bonds normally happen after a donor has been feeding the same vamp for awhile.Of course the time frame can very. It can be kept from happening of course with proper knowledge and training but we are going to assume for this article that’s not around to stop it.

It starts out subtly but ramps up to full pretty quickly. Suddenly the donor and to a lesser extent the vampire will start feeling very attached to one another, even almost a need to be near one another’s presence. The donor has an urge and even almost a need to feed the vampire. The vampire has a need to protect the donor and keep them safe.

Touch can have calming and almost zen-like effects for both parties. As it grows emotions can be felt from each other. In some cases even thoughts can be felt, shared and in some cases telepathy is even possible. The knowing if one is hurt or something is going on with one or the other is also quite common.

Emotions and boundaries are paramount when a bond such as this is formed to keep it from turning into a disaster. It is also dangerous and gets more so as it grows stronger to simply break it.

If anyone has any questions feel free to ask them in the comments section:)

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3 comments on “Donor Bonds

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  3. What all does a donor bond entail? I’d like to be a donor but I’m still a little confused.


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